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After the failure that India had to face in its attempt to land on the moon around two months ago, there is now a new boost of enthusiasm as reported by PTI. Around next year in the month of November India will attend yet another landing on its only satellite. The unsuccessful landing of Chandrayan 2’s ‘Vikram’ at the lunar surface was a loss to India. Nonetheless, ISRO has wound up courage to deal with upcoming missions and Chandrayaan 3 is scheduled. 

Indian Space Research Research organisation has round about high level committee headed by S Somnath who is the director of Thiruvananthapuram based Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre and was the leads centre who was responsible for all launch vehicle programs of ISRO so far. The committee is looking to launch ISRO, is carefully looking to launch Chandrayaan 3 and fulfilling all those failures that they had encountered in their Chandrayaan 2 launch and is of the opinion that, “There is a good launch window in November”.
“The panel’s report is awaited. The committee has been given a guideline to prepare the mission before the end of next year,” a senior ISRO official told PTI.

As per sources in the Bengaluru- headquarters, “Rover, lander and landing operations will get more focus this time and whatever deficiencies in the Chandrayaan-2 mission will be corrected,”

The members of the panel including those from the Vikram sarabhai Space Centre and U R Rao Satellite Centre came together to find out what went wrong in the Chandrayaan 2 soft landing mission and what amends they could make to the upcoming Chandrayaan 3 mission and improvise accordingly. 

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This can be considered a year dedicated to space success stories, and a much inclined towards space missions and discoveries too. 

As if the Mars Orbiter Mission (MoM), mission Aditya to the sun, the major task of setting up a space station and the Gangayaan mission due in 2021, were not enough, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) now has it’s eye at yet another destination to step foot on: Earth’s twin, Planet Venus. This was a revelation made about a week ago, and now the information of a Chandrayaan 3 launch is beginning to stir things up even more.

India is very determined regarding it’s space missions and now especially now that it has gained tremendous success in the past years. Now, when India sees itself potent enough to build its own full fledged space station by 2024-2026, many such missions will be queued up and ISRO looks capable enough to tackle them. 

Source – OneIndia


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