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In an attempt to modernize the way the Indian Defense System operates, the Defense Minister, Rajnath Singh made a huge claim by putting his trust into the revolutionary blockchain technology and has called in for a funding of 250 defense startups for the same. 

In a statement made by Rajnath Singh, earlier this November, he stated,“The role of AI, big data and blockchain technologies has already revolutionized the existing paradigm of war fighting. The defenSe industry is undergoing a churning to cope and employ these technologies, in order to safeguard the safety and security of critical infrastructure.”

This shows that along with other Indian business and corporate sector, the war and defense domain will also try their hand with blockchain and come up with simplistic yet sophisticated models that will yield maximum desired results. 

The goal with this defense startup funding by the Indian government is to attain and round up with 50 ‘tangible innovations’ via these startups in the years ahead. 

The government, the defense ministry to be exact, will designate funds around Rs. 500 crore to this initiative called the Innovations for Defense Excellence (iDEX). The goal and vision that iDEX is set up with, is to bring all possible innovators from the public, private and armed forces realm, who would build up any such remarkable innovations which could make a difference. 

A function was held on Monday where the Indian Defense Minister, Mr. Rajnath was seen making some promising claims regarding this initiative and the funding. Along with this, his words sounded very ambitious and his vision, as to where this endeavor would lead India; explicit and determined.

He predicted that India in the upcoming 10-15 years could emerge as $10 trillion economy. 

“Looking at the talent India possesses, I am pretty confident that we can become $10 trillion economy in the next 10-15 years,” the minister said at the government’s ‘Def Connect’ seminar. 

He further emphasized on the need for strategic development and research to boost up the defense manufacturing.

Singh seemed very much interested to test the waters by expanding India’s reach in the combat field and after conquering all the three realms of air, water and land, the fourth one, being ‘space’ and “cyberspace’ are on the agenda.

The utilization of blockchain and artificial intelligence, being deployed even in this domain of defense, which can prove very prominent and impactful is a pretty positive step towards development on a national front as a whole.

Source – EconomicTimes

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