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Power discom Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited (TDPL) has rolled out a pilot project to switch over to an electric vehicle fleet for its operations and maintenance work by collaborating with car rental company Zoomcar.

The project will be rolled out in a phased manner, under which initially 12 electric vehicles of Zoomcar will be used for Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited (TPDDL) operation and maintenance activities, including installation of smart metres in North Delhi, TPDDL said in a press release.

Sanjay Banga, CEO of TPDDL, said the initiative is aimed to support and complement the government’s strategy and strive to reduce dependency on petrol and diesel vehicles and shift to electric vehicles.

“As a responsible corporate and technology leader among the utilities, we are continually exploring new avenues to push cleaner and greener technologies which can bring a wave of lasting change,” he added.

Besides this, TPDDL has also deployed electric vehicles in its maintenance fleet, including over 100 e-scooters and e-rickshaws.

The company aims to further scale up the numbers of e-cars in its fleet to 250, the release said.

Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited (TDPL), previously North Delhi Power Limited, is a joint venture between the Government of the National Capital Territory of Delhi and The Tata Power Company Limited, which holds a 51% majority stake in the venture.

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