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Energy distribution company FEDCO on Wednesday said it has signed an initial pact with Australia-based Village Energy to install smart meters in its areas of operation.

Under the MoU, Village Energy will implement next-gen technology along with smart meters for better consumer service in FEDCO’s rural areas of operation.

Feedback Energy Distribution Company (FEDCO), a 100 per cent subsidiary of Feedback Infra, provides electricity in some pockets of Odisha and Meghalaya.

FEDCO will roll out a pilot phase that will involve implementation of the Village Energy platform at distribution transformers within a single feeder system. A Village Energy smart meter and control device will be installed and maintained at each supply point.

“We hope that this will be a revolutionary step towards better consumer delight and a step towards making real-time technology viable for rural consumers. We are confident that with introduction of this technology, our cost of service to consumers residing in rural areas will be drastically reduced without compromising on consumer service,” said Devtosh Chaturvedi, Managing Director, FEDCO in a statement.

FEDCO provides low-tension electricity in some areas of Odisha and Meghalaya with an objective of creating greater operational efficiencies, better load management and improvement in consumer services.

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