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The world is facing serious environmental issues and there is a lot going on in the world regarding the environment that is aimed to bring about a change but no visible effects can be seen moreover and most of it can be seen only in papers as of now. Nothing has been done in writing as per the Paris Agreement regarding this issue too.  There are regions across the world that are torn apart and the Sustainable development goals (SDGs) aren’t being able to meet the terrible conditions the world is in. 

People worldwide are suffering from these issues and they are in rags. There are droughts, famines and floods, playing their merciless hand. Along with this, the living conditions have become extremely deplorable. There is nothing that is being currently done to insure the safety of the people against these catastrophic conditions. Diseases are spreading all over like wildfire and the lives of more and more people are at stake. 

Some sort of a positive step taken in this way is the agreement that Germany and India signed on Artificial Intelligence, which chalks out the numerous ways it could be deployed in the farming industry. This agreement was signed in the light of India being the world’s largest producer of food grains. But with the advent of negatively changing environment, the reality is somewhat different to what was imagined. India signed an agreement to reduce the carbon footprint that comes along with the agricultural sector. Farming is considered to be one of the biggest carbon footprinting jobs, hence the agreement. With the yearly instance of stubble burning, tons of pollution gets released in the air and the consequences are to be faced by Delhi in the months of October and November. This agreement is something that will look into this matter and the government’s outlook along with the policies, and technology that it has put in place all come under this agreement. 

A bevy of developmental aids have begun by the Indian Government towards the agricultural sector. The farmer get to book a tractor with the convenience of their mobile phones, with the aid of multi- lingual application called ‘CHC- Farm Machinery’. 

India’s Agricultural minister Narendra Singh Tomar at the launch of this application told reporters “We are trying to empower small and marginal farmers. We thought of using technology like mobile apps to reach them. The way you book an Ola or Uber cab using their apps, we decided to have a similar app for hiring farm machineries,”

Through this app, the government will also provide farm level weather advisory in four districts — Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh), Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh), Rajkot (Gujarat) and Nanded (Maharasthra) — on a pilot basis.

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Not only this, now there is now artificial intelligence too which look into to track, make records of the agricultural yield in the state of Maharashtra. Maharashtra has put into action Artificial Intelligence to alleviate agricultural hazards by making use of analysed data to fill in any clefts.

The project so named, is the Maha Agri Tech project and had become operational in January this year.

Source – industryglobalnews24


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