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Google is on the lookout for about 8-10 startups that cater to the niche of ‘social impact’ for its new accelerator program. Kate Brandt, Google’s sustainability Officer on Tuesday that they are looking for a new startup program that would further pump up any future startups to work on sustainability products. 

The Web Summit that took place in Lisbon, where Kate addressed the summit, not only told the crowd about this new Google initiative but also about the problems that businesses looking to commercialize the sustainability products face in today’s world. To begin with this list of issues faced, lack of investors and absence of good competitive market are the two major matters that are faced. 

To resolve these issues the competitive business markets for sustainable goods face, Google has taken the lead and is on the hunt for roughly around 10 startups from Europe, Africa, and the Middle East that would come together to take part in this accelerator program that would last up to a period for six months in first half of 2020. The applications for this comrade will commence soon this year and later this year, the second cohort listing will begin. 

These startups which will be taking part in this Google accelerator program will be judged on the basis of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals said Brandt. These goals comprise of factors like climate, peace and justice, environmental degradation, poverty and prosperity. 

Kate Brandt on this new Google endeavor program lists out it’s sustainability programs that it has taken in the past like Project Sunroof used by Google Earth, Google Environmental Insights Explorer. Such powerful and magnetic sustainability projects that are taken by Google in its embrace. 

The way Google will work is by presenting the graduates of this program to the investors. This is also an alternative investment method instead of a direct one. Not only this, the startups will get a direct line of access to Google’s engineering resources that will prove beneficial to the operating business aspects. 

This is nothing new with Google’s sustainability program, as seen from above. Moreover, Google’s accelerator program like this isn’t the first one either. Such a huge multinational technology company like Google, has its roots spread far and wide like the venture capital and cloud computing too and is now entering into the domain of startups with its goal to commercialize sustainability products in a much better way too. 

Via – Business Insider


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