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This has been a year where ISRO has shown some exemplary performance and has come out with stellar, state of the art programs that would expand India’s reach furthermore into space as well. Besides the recent revelation of mission Aditya to the Sun, the success of Mars Orbiter Mission (MoM), and an attempt to be made for a space dock station by India in 2020 are all some stupendous achievements to be proud of. 

Now there is an information where the Indian Space Research Organization that had initially planned to erect the Indian Space Station has room for three more astronauts, as reported by the Times of India.

Chairman of ISRO K Sevan declared it very publicly that India doesn’t want to be a part of the ISS (International Space Station) but will instead create in five to seven years,  from the ground up, it’s own space station. Making an announcement of the upcoming project in June, K Sevan said, “We don’t want to be part of ISS. Our station, which will be set up in five to seven years, won’t be very big.”

He made this vision of his very clear in February last year where he said that India is capable of developing a space station of its own, but it needs ambitious planning and a long-term approach to achieve the same.astronaut 573790 1280

International Space Station (ISS) which is a joint space project of 5 agencies namely, Nasa (US), Roscosmos (Russia), JAXA (Japan), ESA (Europe), CSA (Canada), came into existence in 1998 and 2011.

The massive human spaceflight project that is to be executed in 2022, will be a major factor and much of this Indian Space Station hopes rests on its success. Gangayaan is the base for the creation of the space station. The space station will be an extension of it. As per research and reports by TOI, the early designs for the space stations, still in their beginning stages, plan on having a 20 tonne modular dwelling in the low earth orbit (LEO), which will be swinging in an altitude of 120km to 140km.

Gaganyaan mission, scheduled for launch in December 2021. This human space flight programme will be sending 3 humans for approximately 5 to 7 days to carry out tests on micro gravity and the like. Also he proclaimed initially, “The Indian space station will have a mass of 20 tonnes and be used for scientific studies, including micro gravity tests. It will have provision for a few people to live for 15-20 days.” Sevan commented.

Why Indian is planning to launch such a space station by 2024-2026 is pretty evident. This station will have it’s own set of perks that could not be provided by Earth and even replicating it wasn’t a viable option. The space station which is a work in progress, will be serving as a laboratory and a place to conduct scientific research. This unparalleled site for a lab in space will give the conducive environment for cells and chemicals to behave in a way that couldn’t have been possible on Earth. Each element and chemical reacts in a certain way when in space and this researchers will prove beneficial and give an even better understanding of how to go about for future space expeditions

The space stations have proved instrumental in their own way and ISS has made some groundbreaking progress and discoveries via experiments in the field of Parkinson’s disease and to test endurance of cancer cells when in a chemotherapy attack. There are many different applications and areas to conduct research in space, disaster, relief, food, waste management to name a few. 

The Gangayaan project will be the cornerstone of this entire space station idea, as ISRO plans to use the technologies and advancement of Gangayaan in it’s space station venture too. Orbital module, life support system, and human rated launch are some at the top of the list. 

Moreover, ISRO declares that even private firms can participate in the giant space station program. A scientist said, “They will make significant contributions,”. 

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