Blu Smart which is a Delhi based startup has plans to increase its reach far and wide. With just finishing up it’s round of $2.2 Mn angle funding round, it has many celebrities like Deepika Padukone and many other eminent figures like Rajesh Agarwal investing in it. 

Blu Smart is a subscription based car rental startup, co-founded by Puneet Singh, Punit Goyal, and Anmol Singh Jaggi. It was launched in January 2019 and aims to modernize the way people travel across the Delhi NCR Region. In June of this year the company switched to a subscription based car rents, ride-sharing on both electric cars and bikes, and other vehicles.

It is a very positive initiative to improve the current status of locomotives and the negative effect they have on the environment. Such is the impact of this startup that it was able to extract a roughly $3Mn angel round by leading personalities of the current era. Ranging from Bollywood sensation Deepika Paducone and her family office Ka Enterprises, Micromax co-founder Rajesh Agarwal, and JITO Angel Network and many others were roped in. All such massive influential personalities found great potential in this electric cab subscription based startup. 

Moreover, in June, BluSmart partnered with Mahindra Electric to bring into action and broaden its reach by incorporating about 70 Mahindra eVerito premium sedans in its cab fleet. 

“Blu Smart has served over 20K customers since its launch in Delhi NCR and aims to serve 1 Mn customers in the coming months,” said Goyal.

BluSmart can service is seeking to erect an all- electric ecosystem by coming into partnership by many giants in the automotive, infrastructure and energy domains. Such a thoughtful step to bring about change by BluSmart will need intensive help and expertise of many established and well known industrialists. In the past, there have been several different efforts in this path by many conglomerates, but they all fell short of was a vast and capable network. 

An exemplary example would be Rajesh Agarwal, founder of Micromax who invaded head on this area to produce advanced Battery Management system. Micromax has been fortunate enough to build up Lithium Ion Batteries that have the energy potential to pump up and E vehicles transportation system in the face of India.

All BluSmart needed was a supportive push, which was very much evident by the massive funding it was able to raise. In hopes of multiplying this electric cab service the large scale funding have high aspirations from it  and moreover to create even better job opportunities in India. 

Via – The Citizen 

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