Among the many other steps that India has taken towards the Sun of progress and a brighter light, falls the usage and incorporation of technology. Some of this technology is being diligently employed in the West and it has become the need of the hour to come into play to make judicial use of them. One such technological advancement that sits ideally and hasn’t yet been used to its full powers is the blockchain technology. 

A very genius and potent technology that blockchain is an epitome of, can be put to many varied benefits and finally the Indian Government has started seeing this bright aspect of things too. 

Rajnath Singh, the Defense Minister of India make a huge claim by putting his trust into this blockchain technology which will lead and unravel the way in for many future benefits. 

“The role of AI, big data and blockchain technologies has already revolutionized the existing paradigm of war fighting. The defence industry is undergoing a churning to cope and employ these technologies, in order to safeguard the safety and security of critical infrastructure.”, said Singh.

With this mindset, Mr. Rajnath Singh in a round table envoy consisting about 80 and more countries on Monday made a statement expressing his desire to extend the use artificial intelligence and blockchain for the betterment and updation of the combat scene of the Indian surface, as said by the Times of India.

India is looking forward to host it’s DefExpo 2020 in February, and such a statement coming from the Defense Minister makes grounds for some promising changes to be seen. 

Singh is very much interested to test the waters by expanding India’s reach in the combat field and after conquering all the three realms of air, water and land, the fourth one, being ‘space’ and “cyberspace’ are on the agenda.

As per him the challenge is “not just to prepare for contingencies but also to repel threats from multiple sources, and at the same time possess the ability to respond proactively if needed.”

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To put it simply, blockchain being a smart digital ledger technology that works to make the crypto currency data distributable for records sake but cannot be tampered with or modified by making copies. 

In recent years, the desire and steps taken to incorporate blockchain and Artificial Intelligence laden systems in corporate and digital world have been many. 

Lately there have been many startups in India like Rejolut that has stepped up and progressed in this direction. In September, Rejolut had bagged a place for itself to fall in the elite list of those who can make use of the public ledger Hedera, before it goes live. Along with that the Government of India has taken initiatives to spread the word about blockchain and it’s various uses. For this the Department of Information and Technology also plays a major role

On this front, the declaration by the Indian Defense Minister to broaden their horizons and improve their scopes by bringing into action this blockchain technology is something to be proud of. 

Just like India, nations worldwide are taking the influence that blockchain has as a whole and looking to infuse it in many realms including their defense systems too. Indian sees itself in this race for growth and improvement with technology too. 

News source – Coindesk

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