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India’s Minister for Women and Children Development, Smriti Irani has taken a step to initiate to transform and add to the growth of education, skills and employment in the face of India. This she plans to chalk out via the platform called YuWaah. Hands in hands with ammy national and international partners, YuWaah has made some groundbreaking promises and problems to deal with. The Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, also made a gesture of acknowledgement and support via a letter. He sounded hopeful of change that this genius venture plans to bring about and will definitely work to empower the youth that currently resides in India and the countries involved that cater to India’s stellar youth population of about 300 million young people, residing in the age group of 10-24 years. 

This YuWaah launch was at the Habitat Centre in Delhi. Here Smriti Irani addressed the occasion by saying that the Indian Government is into this venture heads on and plans to bring the youth of today into action by giving it amazing work opportunities that stem from a much refined education system. She stated that India is proud to be a nation which has taken a step in this field and YuWaah plans to be a nation wide step in the progressive direction. Present at this launch was UNICEF Executive Director, Henrietta Fore, who gave her felicitations to the Prime Minister and his Government, for coming up with such leadership and stirring the entire nation in this direction which aims to Target the transition between school and employment. Along with this Mail Fore also made it public that UNICEF stands United and in support of this start-up venture by India and also in a way encouraged partners worldwide to get together and promote to work into this venture by engaging the people of the youth.

 Ms Fore when interaction with young people at the consultation said “Despite significant progress for children in their first decade of life — through reduced child mortality and increased access to primary school — tens of millions of adolescents in India are not getting the support that they need through their second decade of life. And this is especially true for girls, migrants, children with disabilities, and those belonging to historically disadvantaged communities.”

India has been a host to a large variety of such  progressive works and programs that aim to channel the youth of today and provide them with new opportunities. NITI Ayog in 2018 put up a National Youth Consultations where roughly 250 young people spanning from six states talked one on one about their future and the dreams they have, the problems that come along the way, and asked for some solutions that they expected from the Government. These consultations are what led to the erection of “YuWaah” that India is proud to represent.

The goal is to bring about economic opportunities for about 50 million young men and women in their youth by the year 2030. This vision pulls in the private sector and promotes mass entrepreneurship too. Also the ability to give and facilitate skill training to about 200 million young people is also in it’s to do list. This they aim to achieve via dedicated career counseling, internship of quality, apprenticeship and decorating individuals with the skills they deem fit for. 

news source – jagranjosh

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