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It’s high time to get all your chicks in a line! Very specifically all your document related issues are bound to be resolved in and out with a very convenient tool that has swept the market off its feet. It is the Sorted AI application in mint condition that will come in handy indeed. 

What’s Sorted AI about?

The sorted AI application is an initiative by three very ingenious brains who had found themselves in a fix when sorting and arranging every document they ever owned. Considering the fact that all those around also faced the same issue, everything aligned to make perfect sense and came forward the idea to build a pretty wholesome place for all that documentary material. Henceforth, the market was blessed with the Sorted AI application, 

The mere fact that there is a tool or a place where everything respectively belongs to, made it the need of the hour to erect a location where all them documents are neatly available. Now there is the Sorted AI to your aid. This singular and exceptional application had been made public very recently in August as an Android application. While the ones on an iOS operating system can get a hold of Sorted AI and employ it as a web application at

How can Sorted AI Help?

The aim of those working towards sorted AI developmental and growth process are into building up a personal document management solution. Their team is dedicated to put in some key features which will make it stand out and differentiate it from the substitute that exist. When you have the Sorted AI with you, you can get help in the following areas –

  • All your sorting, tagging, storing, and information extraction etc is taken up by Artificial Intelligence and all these processes become automated. 
  • A through and through integration of any documents uploaded, with the existing cloud storage namely Dropbox, Google Drive etc, is a process that is simplified and easy. 
  • The operation where one is reminded of any upcoming dates is also a possibility if you are equipped with sorted AI.
  • Now if a user is on the hunt for information related to documents like support number, booking a service for that matter of fact can look up to this app.

All in all, anybody with the responsible sorted AI application can have their documents completely managed with capturing, indexing, storage, retrieval and renewal included.

A Peek into the Background

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Sorted AI is a product that hails from the parent company Ordenado Labs Pvt Ltd. the headquarters and the SMP team operates from Gurgaon. This very efficient manager application has three genius brains working behind it. 

The co-founders behind this venture – Snehanshu Gandhi, Tamanjit Bindra, Gaurav Shrishrimal, have put in all the experience they have accumulated over the years into producing sorted AI.

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Sorted AI – Founders

Mr. Snehanshu Gandhi has over 11 years of work experience across Management Consulting, Operations & Entrepreneurship. He is an alumnus of IIT Bombay & ISB Hyderabad. He had also founded 2 start-ups (Tapp Me & India Interns) before Sorted AI. Mr. Gandhi looks after Product Development & Overall Strategy at Sorted AI.

Mr. Tamanjit Bindra is an alumnus of Army Institute of Technology Pune. he has over 11 years of work experience in the field of technology across companies like Magic Bricks, Dell, Raftaar & Tapp Me.

For Sorted AI he holds the position of a hands-on developer and looks after any technology involved.

Mr. Gaurav Shrishrimal has over 5 years of work experience. He is an IIT Kanpur alumnus and started his career with Investment Banking at Credit Suisse. He co-founded Tapp Me with Snehanshu before starting Sorted AI. He looks after Growth & Investor relations.

This very hard working team of progressive and originality stricken individuals is what makes Sorted AI the marvellous application it is. Up till now, there have been about 1100+ users of this application. As fat as any investors are concerned, this startup is currently bootstrapped and will into raising funds in the near future. 

How good is Sorted AI?

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If we just go by the name itself, the usage of the terminology ‘sorted’, speaks volumes. This application’s intricate and trustworthy technology, infused with artificial intelligent (AI) is a boon altogether. The world is shifting to AI now and India also judiciously uses it. For the same, if a startup, and that too one which will come in handy in everyday uses artificial intelligence. Sorted AI a Smart Document Manager and primarily uses artificial intelligence technologies such as Natural Language Processing and Optical Character Recognition. 

Till now where everyone was using those cloud storages, mobile phone/laptop storages, emails and physical pigeonholes like files and folders, the incoming of an automated software to look after is very unique and comforting. Moreover, sorted AI being a completely governed by Artificial intelligence makes documentation an automated process.

In the future they aim to become an intelligent documents & reminders manager which completely takes care of boring administrative tasks for the users so that they can focus on what they really love. Coming up with such an amazing tool as Sorted AI, the entrepreneurs are of the opinion that “Things would go wrong in end number of ways that we never think of, but there is nothing a founder cannot solve”.


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