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The multinational information technology company, that the International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) has made a record for filing the most number of patients in a year. Recently the patent it has filed for is for an internet browser which is backed by blockchain power. This patent is reported to have been registered with the US States Patent and Trademark Office on 6th August. 

Considering the stellar use of blockchain in the world of technology, where it has tremendously increased the output and simplified processes; the use of blockchain in a web browser nonetheless is something to look forward to. 

This blockchain solution to be used by IBM at the enterprise level, is offering solutions which incorporates blockchain in the form of a service, supply chain management and moreover, as a program which makes utilization of third party information to carry out ingenious contracts. The new blockchain infused web browser will confirm client to client browser session moves. 

Blockchain Backed Internet Usage

A major part of today’s work involves judicial use of the world wide web. The power of the internet cannot be declined in any case. But this makes the people also vulnerable to what information gets shared and what not.

With the advent of blockchain in the line of internet, the audience will be able to make sure which data is being shared. Plus whether or not to share it. The solutions which are currently functioning don’t offer such features. 


Browser Blockchain Patent of IBM

A layer or shield of protection is what International Business Machines Corporation plans to give to its users via this blockchain powered internet service. The patent is all set to backup all browsing data of any one using the internet. This is possible by the intravenous use of blockchain.

Such a superior quality technological advancement will protect anyone on the internet. As per the IBM filed patent, it has been clearly stated that each and every browsing session and activities will be verified and looked into, if it is made use of. The blockchain powered browser is a safe bet, as it will keep all the browsing data for safekeeping. This will in turn not let any third party accesses to it. 

Earlier in October, last month it was the same IBM which had made a huge announcement, where it planned to make use of Artificial Intelligence in the selection process to find some worthy  talent among the youth. Now, by walking hand in hand with blockchain it is set out to make a huge difference in the way things used to be, browsing wise.

News source – Techgig Bureau

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