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Another major breakthrough for India, as yesterday it was made public that a team of Indian origin researchers have had a tremendous progress in the medical field. Scalpels have come hand in hand with artificial intelligence (AI) and claim to diagnose beforehand the most complex and toughest brain haemorrhage cases just in time.

Artificial Intelligence which is slowing spreading its roots in Indian corporate world and business market has jumped to impress those with stethoscopes and has led to a remarkable discovery. The researchers working on this AI development system hail from UC San Francisco and UC Berkeley. It the praise of the system that they developed, the one thing that stood out is the accuracy and promptness. It was able to reveal and identify, with utmost accuracy, a brain haemorrhage in a second.

The research team has added that the reason for this superb accuracy accounts to the fact that an ingenious training data was added to the algorithm. What’s more is that this data was infused with a turning neural network that had over 4396 CT scans.


To the Left is a typical brain scan a radiologist would see and to the RIght is the hemorrhaging areas highlighted by the new AI technology, PatchFCN. The intracranial hemorrhaging, a subarachnoid hemorrhage, was due to an acute aneurysm rupture. (UCSF image)

A brain scan has been highlighted by the AI algorithm to show a small subdural hematoma (green) and a subarachnoid hemorrhage (red). (UCSF image) ~

As per Jitendra Malik, PhD, with UC Berkeley and one of the co-authors of the study, “Given the large number of people who suffer from traumatic brain injury every day and are rushed to the emergency department, this has very big clinical importance. That convinced me to work on this problem.”

This haemorrhage detecting system isn’t just about the accuracy and promptness. The results it gives are filled with immense minute details that give an even more refined information and insight. This stellar AI system is shows any abnormalities at a pixel level, along with highlighting it. As a result the scans were at par and weren’t interrupted by noise or other blemishes. 

The process to test out this newfound system was done in parts, so as to remove even the slightest chance of an error. This AI system is not ready to kick aside and take the place of a doctor as of now. But will definitely prove to be of a great aid to help in diagnosing and detection. If there is timely detection of a hemorrhage along with its type, a lot of lives could be saved and many people can reap its benefits, along with being cured timely.

Pratik Mukherjee, MD, PhD, professor of radiology at UCSF and another co-author of the study is of the opinion, “The hemorrhage can be tiny and still be significant. That’s what makes a radiologist’s job so hard, and that’s why these things occasionally get missed. If a patient has an aneurysm, and it’s starting to bleed, and you send them home, they can die.”

Artificial Intelligence is being used judiciously in the field of business and technology both. All around the world there are firms and companies which are switching to incorporating artificial Intelligence. Its numerous benefits are obviously known to the world. In India, where last year there were very less company CEOs who trusted their work with AI. But they have now made a turn to this amazing and fresh technology. Where ledger technology like blockchains are being offered by Indian firms, where there are new and new companies setting foot to launch their Internet of Things (IoT) solutions; a shift to Artificial Intelligence with a positive outlook is a must.

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