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Managing college and private life is a daunting endeavor, leaving us stretched between our academic obligations and activities that allow us to support our lifestyle like socialization and making a living. Many students recognize their potential in the early days of college and manage to make money by producing homework, developing projects, writing essays, or research papers to their peers.

However, there comes a time when the amount of work becomes too much for one person to handle all the incoming orders. This decisive moment leaves the student with only one option to start a business and hire more people to share the load and increase their revenue. If you were wondering what it takes for a student to start a business, and what options are at hand, here are a few lines that should help you learn more about becoming a student entrepreneur.

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Pet Sitting

Most people would do anything to keep their pets happy, fed, and secure, however, some of us don’t have the opportunity to always be around for our animal friends. In the last couple of years, pet sitting has become a lucrative business for students. It won’t help you make millions, but if you manage your business correctly, it could become a stable source of income.

It would be best to start your website or Facebook page (because it’s free and easier to set up than a website), describing the benefits of your engagement, the full span of your services, and a simple application form to allow visitors to contact you and hire your services. As your business grows, and more people hear about you, there’s room for recruiting more people who would for you and help scale your business even more.

Assignment Writing Help

If you’re a skilled writer and you’re doing well in one or two subjects it’s a smart idea to utilize those personal traits and become a professional assignment writing helper. Most successful students deal with friends asking for all sorts of help, I had a friend once asking “Would you help me find a proper source to correct my essay?” which means there is a wide array of possibilities for gifted scribblers.

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It’s important to know your pace and set deadlines that you can reach without too much effort. In time, as your business grows and the news of your enterprise spreads across the campus and social media, you’ll have a full-scale writing agency on your hands.

Selling Apps and Scripts

Web development is thriving, nowadays, as more and more business owners comprehend the benefits of the authentic quality online footprint. Students who dedicate their time to mastering web design, software engineering, and other skills that are the backbone of the 21st-century industry don’t have to wait to get their degree for a glimpse of financial stability.

There are numerous online marketplaces where software developers can publish their work and make some money by selling software to businesses and individuals, alike. With some clever networking and a lot of hard work, you could develop an app and see it overtaking Google Play Store or some other platform.

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Handmade Products

Are you able to take a piece of wood and carve it into something beautiful? Perhaps you’re a skilled knitter or possess some other skill that allows you to creatively change the appearance of any material. If you put your mind to it, you can start an online business selling all sorts of craftsmanship products both locally and worldwide.

Starting an eCommerce business is relatively easy, all you have to do is pick a platform that best suits your needs. Additionally, make sure the platform you choose provides tools you need to run your business seamlessly. Pay attention to inventory management abilities, tools required to deal with taxes, and online payment features.

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Moreover, as your business grows larger, it would be smart to look for suppliers that would provide you with materials needed for production. You can set up your shop in a garage or dorm room, depending on the scale of orders you have to complete.

Virtual Assistance

When a business grows larger, they often require more hands to keep up with customer demands. However, most business owners are reluctant when it comes to hiring a professional full time because it’s a lot of paperwork and keeps the owner chained to one more mouth that needs to be fed. For this reason, virtual assistance positions are on high demand, allowing business owners to hire a professional when there’s a massive project that needs to be finished as soon as possible.

Once you build up your reputation for quality service, you can expand your business and get more people to work for you while you focus your attention on finding new clients and securing more work for you and your crew.


These were just some of the options available for students who seek the way to start their road to monetary security. The advent of online technology allows us to reach a deeper pool of clients, manage our business easier, and search for a partner all over the world. Let the examples we provided in this article serve as an inspiration for your business ideas, ones that will allow you to thrive with minimal competition. The more original ide you launch, the higher are the odds that your business will turn into an absolute success.


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