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Not only has the Artificial Intelligence taken over the tech world and the work space for good, but even the prominent and impeccable results it displays are promising. It is due to such efficiency that AI is being employed in vast realms and spheres altogether. Even the various startups worldwide, along with governments of all countries cannot overlook the fact of Artificial Intelligence’s efficiency over the work done by human resources.

A study revealed a remarkable change in the Indian realm stating that “89% workers in India would trust robot more than manager”. 

A study conducted by a prominent cloud service provider Oracle and research firm Future Workplace confirmed that AI is taking shape in Indian and has begun to be favored by a close to about 50 per cent of workers. This number is more as compared to last year, where only a 32 per cent of workers employed AI. 

Mr. Shaakun Khanna, Head of Human capital Management (HCM) Applications, Asia Pacific, Oracle stated ” “With technology adding great value to all organisational functions, people are excited about increasingly leveraging technologies like AI in HR,”

“The study also highlights another aspect that with technology taking care of transactional activities, leaders and managers need to bring more strategic value to management and use more of their soft skills with people,” Khanna said.

Workers in India (89 per cent) and China (88 per cent) have more faith in robots over their managers, followed by Singapore (83 per cent), Brazil (78 per cent), Japan (76 per cent), UAE (74 per cent), Australia/New Zealand (58 per cent), France (56 per cent), the US (57 per cent) and the UK (54 per cent), said the “AI at Work” study.

Furthermore, the results said that Workers in China (77 per cent) and India (78 per cent) have adopted AI over 2X more than those in France (32 per cent) and Japan (29 per cent).

The drastic ways in which AI has improved and enhanced the work space is a boon to us all and companies worldwide are taking Artificial Intelligence in its embrace. With such avantgarde innovations comes the responsibility to build awareness and be cognizant of it’s workings. Companies and firms outside India are very enthusiastic about the way AI works and have deployed it cleverly. But it was a sad story for India as only a handful of Indian companies were confident of using AI.

news source – Outlook

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