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In a move that came in line with OYO’s expanding workforce across seven countries, the brand adopted leading HR analytics start-up inFeedo’s AI bot Amber to seamlessly connect more than 9,000 employees to the human resources team.

Brand OYO has grown from strength to strength, with employee base increasing rapidly over the last few years. The HR team was at this point of time still using pulse surveys to connect with employees and as the workforce expanded, the response rates dipped to an alarming 25%. It was time to transition from traditional pulse surveys to a more scalable, personalized, interactive solution. This is where the partnership between OYO and inFeedo helped drive an 80% response rate for their employee base across seven countries, for engagement with Amber, an artificial intelligence-enabled engagement bot.

Within a short span, the HR team could establish a seamless onboarding process with insights gathered from employee responses. This feedback has also been helpful in developing and customizing training programs. By automating the manual tasks of tracking and collecting feedback, the HR team could focus on at-risk employees and direct their time and effort on retaining top talent. Interventions being data-driven for such cases were also mapped as a direct key responsibility area (KRA). Similar to collecting feedback from its customers, OYO’s HR team also introduced eNPS to collect and address employee feedback that will help improve and evolve HR practices.

As the Chief Human Resources Officer, OYO, Dinesh Ramamurthi puts it, “At OYO Hotels and Homes, open communication is a part of our DNA, where we follow the principle of ‘Access Anyone’, and through Amber encourage and empower every OYOpreneur to share their honest feedback on a range of topics irrespective of hierarchies. This helps us to evolve continuously and build a great company culture as we grow across the globe.”

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Employees at OYO regularly chat with Amber, evident from the response rate at 80%. Till date, about 75% of at-risk employees identified by Amber have been saved. The effort put in by the HR team at OYO is clear from the overall organization mood score of 4/5.

Tanmaya Jain, CEO, inFeedo said, “Our mission has always been to help CHROs make the voice of every employee feel heard and valued; and through Amber, inFeedo will continue to work towards ensuring each employee across the world has a friend at work to confide in and help HR drive positive change proactively.”

About inFeedo:

inFeedo is a SaaS-based people predictive analytics company that is helping a 100+ enterprises, such as GE, Emaar, Puma, Dunkin Donuts, Kotak, Tata, Airtel, redefine employee engagement. Founded in 2013 by 24-year-old Tanmaya Jain, one of the youngest entrepreneurs in India and an established global speaker in the HR tech space, the company is headquartered in Gurugram, India serving customers across the globe including the Middle East, Europe, Americas and South East Asia.

inFeedo is currently focussed on its flagship product Amber, an artificial intelligence (AI) enabled bot which helps CHROs manage employee engagement, predict attrition and measure company culture in real time. Amber connects with employees across organizations to collect actionable insights for HR, in order to enhance employee engagement, curb potential attrition, and gain a real-time sense of overall sentiment. Her reach-outs are timely, personalised and customized, based on specific milestones in an employee’s tenure, focused not only on asking questions but listening and responding accordingly

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