Hero 27.5 Lectro Glide Essentia 7 spd E bike

Lectro E-Mobility Solutions, a part of Hero Cycles, on Tuesday launched a new electric bicycle, priced at Rs 30,999.

Townmaster, a throttle e-bike, can be charged from a regular plug point and does not need special charging stations, much like other products under the Lectro range and can go for 30-40 km on a single charge of around three hours.

“There is new emerging category of consumers in India who is fitness-oriented while also being environmentally-conscious about reducing their carbon footprint.

“This category of consumers is leading the demand for alternative and clean transport options that are viable for different kinds of trips – be it short distance or long distance,” Lectro E-Mobility Solutions Director Aditya Munjal said in a statement.

Designed in the UK, Townmaster incorporates design technology suitable for tough city commuting and comfort while an insulated internal battery system ensures safety of the battery.

It also comes with double disc brakes and puncture-resistant tyres for greater safety and convenience.

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