Stock market advisory portal on Tuesday said it plans to launch a new venture which will provide multiple choices to people for investing in financial securities

The platform, INVEST19, will be the investment center providing multiple asset class as investment choices which people can opt as per their investment capacity, risk appetite and investment time horizon, said in a statement.

The company said it has a next-generation technology platform that is amalgamation of artificial intelligence and data science to enhance the user experience and making investment easy for entry-level investors giving the opportunity to make better investment decisions.

“The idea of opening this new enterprise is to increase the pace of saving and investment trend as this market is largely untapped in India and the country desperately needs to channelise the savings of households into investments. Therefore, the platform as such is a necessity, which can change the way people think about investing in financial securities and give an investment experience as easy as doing online shopping,” the portal noted., which recently raised USD 36 million from Switzerland-based EST, has entered into a strategic business collaboration with the group to create an innovative and new financial ecosystem in the Indian market.

“INVEST19 is the idea to give acceptability of stocks as an option in wealth management. This new-tech belvedere of stock investment would sway people towards opting for an easy way to invest and meet future financial goals,” CEO Mahek Tomer said. PTI SP

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