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It’s high time to take your business up a notch and adopt the newfangled way to do so. A major benefactor, that will help you reach your business ambitions and not only in a more progressive but also futuristic manner is the Nhance Now.

Crafted by Alok Subudhi and a marvellous team, Nhance Now is inclined to get the way businesses function today a thorough boost of technology or AI to be exact. It works to provide a Conversational Cx (Customer Experience) Platform via which businesses will be able to better deal with their customers. Through this CX the idea is to better the business experience for the customers as well as the suppliers.

Solutions Nhance Now Confers

Nhance Now is dedicated to dispense “conversational savvy” technology to the millennial audience and to relate to the modernised customers of today. In these times where state of the art methods and technologies rule, the customers expect the brands, businesses and suppliers alike to reach out to them in a more personal manner, alongside using the very ‘in’ conversational interfaces like messages and voice.

This switch to a much technology dependent mode, will obviously lure in modern audience of today. It will also make the business more credible in its approach and will also sustain the business venture to the changing times as far as technology is concerned.

For these purposes solely, Nhance Now has step foot in the vast market terrains. It offers solutions to businesses wherein there is a conversational makeover of the existing CX. As a consequence, the brand experiences of the business fall in line with the experience expectations of millennials.

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NHANCE NOW’s “User Intelligence” gathering tools for deep insights and to anticipate customer needs

Nhnace Now doesn’t just stops at this. A master move of providing businesses with the world’s first Interactive Digital Card (DX Card) is an ace up their sleeve. This will alter customer experience by a hundreds and by bringing all the brand touch points and services in one place. This one of a kind, potent and mobile friendly DX card is accessible over mobile web and Nhance Now’s proprietary consumer app too.

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Nhance Now’s Push Notifications service for Customer retention

The Nhance Now Team At Work

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The amazing technological plan; Nhance Now, had taken shape in 2017 in the crafty and progressive hands of a group of friends.

Currently the members of this friendly founder group are at the helm of varied verticals namely-:

Alok Subudhi

Alok Subudhi

Alok Subudhi– CEO
Praveen Deherkar – Head, GCC Region
Nishith Patnaik– Head Product & Marketing
Manabendra Pattnaik– Head Engineering

The CEO Mr. Alok Subudhi has a rich background in fintech services including payments, financial inclusions and mobile banking solutions that have transformed the lives of over 20 million customers in India, South East Asia and West and East Africa. He sold his last company to the US based Altimetrik group (Vatikutti Group). At Nhance Now, Alok looks into investor relations, strategic partnerships and Sales.

Praveen Deherkar who is the Head, GCC Region is armed with more than twenty-two years of experience in IT infrastructure management, enterprise applications and digital transformation in large enterprises. He is a former VP-IT of a $2bn turnover retail entity in UAE and has also led luxury portal Moreover, has also overseen Digital Transformation and adoption of new age technologies to transform customer experiences for company giants in UK and GCC region.

Nishith Patnaik

Nishith Patnaik

Nishith Patnaik is the head of product, marketing and deals with Brand Story telling at Nhance Now with perfection. He belongs to a customer service background, with a firsthand experience. His previous company provided services to large enterprises like AT&T and Verizon among other financial and travel experiences companies in USA and China.

Manabendra Patnaik is the Engineering Head at Nhance Now. He brings to Nhance his rich experience of building highly scalable and complex solutions in the fintech segment which handles more than a million transactions a month. He has been at the forefront of technology used by several private and public banks in India and Africa.

Technology behind Nhance Now Digital Platform

Nhance Now provides a Conversational Experience Cloud to businesses with the supportive touch of the following –

  • A suite of APIs and 3rd party integrations for businesses to connect any or all of their business applications to the Conversational Cloud.
  • Conversational Cloud contains a mix of AI Engine, Personalization Engine, NLP layer and a collection of Bots to format brand experiences in a conversational form.
  • AWS hosting, with advanced 128-Bit AES encryption and a host of other industry standard tools protecting customer data and providing application security
  • Incorporation of micro-services architecture to provide an elevated level of services with minimal downtime and maximum efficiency
  • The suite of applications includes their custom branded iOS and Android Apps, PWA application, connectors for popular messaging, voice and webchat applications like Whatsapp, FB Messenger, Intercom, Drift, Amazon Alexa, Google Assitant, etc
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With these ultra high-tech celestial technologies and machineries in place, Nhance Now is bound to make it big.

Nhance Now Investor Tie Ups 

Mr. Raj Vattikuti is an investor of Nhance Now since its wee days.

Mr. Vattikuti is a serial entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist based out of USA has seed funded Nhance Now. He also seeded a string of successful enterprises, including Covansys, Altimetrik, Synova, Attitude Ventures, VattikutiTechnologies, and DavintaTechnologies.

How is Nhance Now Different ?

What makes Nhance Now stand out is its tool for post purchase conversational makeover. Facing competition from giants like Spark Central, Smooch, Karix, Intercom, Zendesk on a global level, Nhance Now seems very confident and level headed in its approach. It has full belief in the conversational experience services that will ensure and is willing to take competition head on.

Future Aims

Be it in the micro, small and mid-market segment, Nhance Now is pretty ambitious and thrives to be the leader in conversational customer experience for consumer product and services. It will also be raising a Series A funding so as to be able to spread its reach in the USA and Canada market.

The super talented and motivated CEO of Nhance says, “The funds will be deployed to build our sales and marketing workforce, augment our AI and personalization engine and build on our conversational CX interfaces,” He also added that, “We are razor focused on making the lives of 25 million millennials easier over the next 2 years.”

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