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Maharashtra has put into action Artificial Intelligence to alleviate agricultural hazards by making use of analysed data to fill in any clefts.

The project so named, is the Maha Agri Tech project and had become operational in January this year.

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) being employed in the first phase are the satellite images, based on mining data together from by the Maharashtra Remote Sensing Application Centre (MRSAC) and the National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC) in Hyderabad. Moving on to its second phase, (in the upcoming rabid season) a yield model would be constructed wherein, data sets from different data providers will be amalgamated to create a territorial database of soil nutrients, rainfall, moisture stress and a few other relevant factors. This as a consequence will promote location specific consultation to farmers.

Taking into account all different parameters that put crops at risk, the Maha Agri Tech Project will deal with and look into matters like inadequate rainfall, pest infestation, prediction of crop wise and area wise yield etc. All this data collection would bring about informed decisions to be made regarding crop pricing, warehousing, and crop insurance.

Maharashtra has begun this rendezvous with artificial intelligence to protect and calculate the risks involved for it’s highly affected and sensitive to environment agricultural scenario. By modernising and making exhaustive use of drone and satellite images, it can do better and give farmers and policymakers alike, the authority to plan their moves accordingly.

“The concept is to tie up with various agencies to build a single digital platform for farmers and the government,” said state Agriculture Commissioner Suhas Diwase. “Phase One of Maha Agri Tech is done. In Phase Two, we are expanding the scope and also validating ground truths to verify data.”

The idea is to improve the indian agricultural face and farm related policies like MGNREGA, etc and bring much informative certitude, so that the farmers are not left alone in their battles against weather and other natural forces.

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Government of India as well as state governments are keen to adopt emerging technologies for agriculture and farming improvements. In August, Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad asked industries to focus on 5G Innovation in Health and Agriculture.

To recall, last month a Bangaluru-based AI-led startup CropIn, which uses data analytics, machine learning and remote sensing for agri-businesses globally, partnered with The Punjab Agri Export Corporation (PAGREXCO), a Government of Punjab enterprise, to leverage its AI-powered technology to improve the quality of potato seed production in Punjab state and incorporate first-of-its-kind ‘Seed Potato Traceability’ in the entire value chain.

Source ~ Indian Express


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