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A huge advancement for the meat industry. As for the very first time it has been practically possible to culture meat in space.

This initiative commenced under the leadership of Israel based food technology startup Aleph Farms. This next to impossible and unprecedented task was executed on September 26 and was conducted on the Russian segment of the space station. Remotely located about 340Kms from Earth and any natural wealth, the International Space Station used a futuristic technique to do so.

The meat grown at the space lab is different from a Lab-Grown Meat at the Earth because of the very reason that  — “In space, we don’t have 10,000 or 15,000 litres of water available to produce 1kg of beef,” explains Didier Toubia, co-founder and chief executive of Aleph Farms to The Guardian.

This joint experiment marks a significant first step toward achieving a powerful solution to ensure food security for future generations, while preserving natural resources here on planet Earth.

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Russian cosmonaut Oleg Skripochka conducting the experiment on the ISS. (Image ~ TheSpoon.Tech)

On Earth,  only certain Bovine cells were amassed. They were gathered and picked up from here and taken to space. Here, with the help of a ‘3D Bioprinter’ these Bovine Cells were developed into small scale tissue. This technique was adopted as it closely emulates the natural operation of muscle tissue regeneration in a cow’s body. The conditions were also very closely monitored and carried on under supervised microgravity conditions.

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Coming generations could serious make a lot out of such amazing high tech use of technology and science.

Not only this, the Aleph Farms made it public in December that it had generated a prototype “strip” of steak that it grew in lab within two weeks time and were working on its taste.


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