IBM Has A New Focus on Indian Startups

IBM has employed initially used for computer science programming and human thought imitator, Artificial Intelligence to pluck from obscurity the unemployed youth and give them an opportunity to showcase their talents. 

IBM has taken this initiative to yield something positive from it as with the onset of AI in the selection process, chances of human biases and prejudices are barely possible to intervene. As a consequence, this will bring forward the well deserved people and on an average overall will help to decrease the soaring unemployment date of 3.7%. 

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Not only IBM but everyday more and more, organisations are bringing in AI to cater to candidate assessment and evaluation. IBM however, made it very clear and open, when introducing in May 2019, France with its SkillsBuild Platform. Stating that it is interested to house those talented curious and hardworking individuals. This same SkillsBuild Platform will be set out to make an entrance in Germany, followed by India in the upcoming few months simultaneously. It is expected to reach the US in 2020. 

With such efforts, the broad goals IBM has in mind is to give assert all kinds of jobs to people based on their skill set. Also to refurbish their knowledge by providing genuine career assessments, learning, coaching, training, IBM stands tall as one of the most well established organisations. Very specifically, IBM calls this as ‘a new, sustainable hiring mindset’. 

Besides using AI as a tool to segregate the skilled population from the other, IBM has some special moves too. It has given ample of thought and execution to reskilling workers and hiring undergraduates. 


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Reskilling as an apparatus is time consuming but works efficiently when all you want is to remold the said work force accordingly to requirements. IBM also agrees with this. 

″[Applicants] come from vulnerable populations, and they’re looking to move into competitive New Collar roles,” Grace Suh, vice president of education for IBM Citizenship said.

“These roles include web development, customer service, eventually even cybersecurity. This is about reskilling and upskilling,” Suh told CNBC.

Reskilling in a nutshell is imparting new skill sets and rewriting on an individual’s already existing knowledge. All in all what IBM plans to execute with reskilling is to create dependable and skillful people who it can work with and they have brought in AI to help confirm to the same. 

Hiring Skilled Undergraduates

Alternatively, IBM plans to do the same by bringing to use some of its radical AI tool like the MyInnerGenius. This handy tool directly helps you get sorted into the IBM’S New Collar program which is an effort to give due importance to relevant skill possession regardless of a formal degree. Intelligence software like MyInnerGenius works by scanning through and segregating an individual’s background and skills, to allocate them the necessary job match. 

AI Limitations

The AI however superior it maybe in its approach has some limitations to it regardless. It after all a software program built by humans to think and device strategy like us. It is given the only few capabilities that we were able to humanely stuff into it. To this Krishna Powell, CEO of the HR 4 Your Small Biz human resources consulting rightly stands by this belief that AIs cannot be installed (as of now) with the human trait of instincts and gut feeling. This is a major drawback at some points it these that are able to catch the in motion butterfly effect.

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