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The aviation industry can resolve all its turbulence now. A groundbreaking reality is setting foot forth and can alter your air travel.

The revolution start up in question is Prince Air ( The folks at Prince Air have come up with an ingenious way to make your air travel pretty convenient and accessible.

They are a fairly recent, New Delhi based start up with the Sanket Raj Singh as its master mind. Prince Air is inclined to provide India’s first subscription based airline. Definitely something new and out of the box thinking. This aviation industry altering startup has some made some pretty ambitious claims.

The Intricacies 

PA logo design e1570082503852The concept that Prince Air runs on is to give the audience an opportunity to travel via a private jet. Travelling through a private jet, as appealing as it sounds has over the years developed a stereotypical notion around it. It has become a general understanding that private air travel is for the elite like VIPs, celebrities, politicians and the like. Prince air is the giant who promises to break this cliché and offer unlimited private jet travel to the mundane audience.

This New Delhi based startup proposes this to the masses by giving them a shot to become a prestigious member and avail the flight services. This is done by paying for a monthly subscription to the same. The cost to the subscription has not yet been disclosed. Alongside, once they achieve 2500 members, entry to the membership would be closed. Prince Air would launch in the coming 8 to 10 months.

In further future, it plans on spreading its wings far into the Middle East, Singapore and China.

Perks of Prince Air

Challenger 650 Conference Grouping

Challenger 650 Conference Grouping

It is pretty apparent now that Prince Air would be all exclusive members only organisation. Its member for sure are to benefit from it. By paying a monthly charge, Prince Air with its application will serve as a bridge from where its members can make hassle free jet bookings and cancellations. They strive to provide quick and accessible booking within seconds, from anywhere and at any given time.

They seek to start this venture with 6 aircraft on their first base that would be Delhi-Mumbai-Bengaluru.

The Second Phase to this will be Pune, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad with their Third Base being Delhi, Amritsar, Jaipur, Ahmedabad and Lucknow.

What drives Prince Air?

Challenger 650 Forward Cabin

Challenger 650 Forward Cabin

The brain behind this idea, Saket Raj Singh seem pretty laborious and have high hopes for Prince Air. He belongs to the fashion industry, where his work was to assist American and European brands with their manufacturing and supply chain solutions. He was smitten by the many technological breaches faced in mostly all sectors. This stood out to him and he took on the ripe aviation industry for some much needed disruptive innovation.

He claims to remodel the manner in which aviation industry functions. Mr Saket Raj Singh wants to steer this avantgarde startup between commercial airline and private charter companies.

Prince Air has made the private jet experience affordable and certainly more economical than the current private aviation options available in India. Our dream to change the way people fly is coming to life. We will bring down the cost of traveling on private jets by up to 80 to 90 percent,” says Singh.

Besides this he also pays off his regard to his partner, consultant and mentor, currently residing in Newyork. It is this unnamed person who is to be credited for all the knowledge of aviation our entrepreneur from New Delhi has accumulated.

Prince Air Business Ventures

Prince Air not only stops at making jet bookings. To further magnify the sheer amount of luxury, it will also provide for chauffeured high end pick and drops at the airport. Not to forget Mr Singh also claims that Prince air members will get free access to high brow hotels with which it has partnered with.

We are in discussions with several companies, and will be closing our first deal with a well-known hospitality brand as well, which will offer exclusive services across their hotels only to Prince Air members ” said Singh.

Furthermore, Singh says that along with the general audience, Prince Air will also house clientele including business tycoons, celebrities, investors, politicians, sports persons too.

In India, prince air seem to face no competition as of now and has a free market to establish and soar high. But such startups are around in plenty of developed countries like Singapore, China, Indonesia to name some. There is a little competition it can face there.



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