Chandigarh University OS puzzle
Team of CS Engg. students of Chandigarh University who have developed the new Operating System

It was the dream of former President of India, Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam to make India self-reliant in the field of Science and Technology, that lead to the group of three computer science engineering students of Chandigarh University to start working on the development of country’s own operating system which offers both compatibility and data security to its users.

Adarsh Chauhan, Anmol Puri and Puspraj Jaswal formed a core programming team who began working on the Kernel of the Operating System. “It’s been decades that the world is using Microsoft Windows or Apple Macintosh as OS on all types of desktops, servers, laptops or mobiles,” said Adarsh Chauhan who is the main designer of the team. “But these operating systems offer no freedom in terms of compatibility, portability to its users as they have to purchase the license of each and every application you want to use on them which puts extra burden onto the user who has already invested money to buy an operating system,” he added.

“It took us about two years to bring out the first beta version of our operating system Elementary Puzzles and now it is ready to be commercially rolled out in the market as we have tested it at different locations for its performance,” said Anmol Puri.

“Bharat Operating System Solutions (BOSS), the first indigenous OS developed by C-DAC, did not match the services and utilities offered by licensed OS such as Microsoft or Macintosh, but Elementary Puzzles, which is Linux-based GUI (Graphical Operating System), offers safety and security features, which matches to the platforms that are currently being used by US Defence Forces and Bank of China, which are considered to be the most secured platforms in the world,” he added.

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“Elementary Puzzles comes with more advanced memory management, built-in compatibility feature which allows it to be run on any 32 bit or 64 bit microsystem and offers highest level of encryption-based security to the user data,” said Puspraj Jaswal, one of the team member who has worked on the security aspect of the OS. “The newly developed OS is an easy-to-switch interface without any installations as there are utilities like GNOME & KDE that helps in bypassing these changes. The team has already filed patent for the registration of the product with Government of India authorities and are planning to file application for International License next month for the commercialization of the product,” added Adarsh Chauhan.

Chandigarh University is an autonomous educational institution approved by UGC and is located near Chandigarh in the state of Punjab. It offers more than 109 UG and PG programs in the field of engineering, management, pharmacy, law, architecture, journalism, animation, hotel management, commerce and others. It has been awarded as The University with Best Placements by WCRC.



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