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Infosys on Friday announced the launch of “Live Enterprise Suite” which it said is a comprehensive set of platforms, solutions and digital services that help incumbent enterprises to accelerate their digital innovation journey.

“The Live Enterprise Suite enables organisations to drive process agility, deliver customer delight and enhance
ecosystem value all in real time,” the Bengaluru-headquartered company said in a statement.

The suite helps enterprises “reimagine” experiences for employees, customers and partners through digital native
mobility solutions and computational design principles, it said.

Among others, it also helps enterprises “reimagine” business processes by applying sentient principles to simplify processes, user journeys and remove latency, resulting in seamless and superior user experience across channels, the
company said.

Infosys said it has been using the Live Enterprise Suite internally since April 2019.

Over 30,000 employees have been onboarded through launchpad, more than 150,000 employees are realising personal
productivity benefits and over 200,000 employees are on the learning platform, the statement said.

Infosys Chief Operating Officer Pravin Rao said: “…through the Live Enterprise Suite, we will provide them (customers) agility, increased productivity, zero-latency in process, driving hyper productivity and continuous learning.” PTI RS

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