Smartphone maker Gionee plans to develop apps in India to support mobile phone accessories and connected devices.

The company on Friday launched Smart ‘Life’ watch for Rs 2,999 on Flipkart with customised apps to optimise its function.

Gionee now expects to develop all apps for other devices from the scratch in the country.

“We will develop all apps locally to support connected devices and smartphone accessories in India because of sensitivity around data. All the data will be stored in India. The first indigenous app should be out in two months,” Gionee Executive Director Shashin Devsare said.

Gionee’s India operation is a part of Jaina Group now which owns Karbonn Mobiles.

“We will make devices locally and the apps will only focus on optimise its function. We are open to partnership with other players to provide content that will be accessed devices like we are using Google Fit Strava for the smart watch,” Devsare said.

He said the apps will be part of Gionee’s GBuddy platform, which will also have products and apps to support their functionality.

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