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JK Tyre & Industries on Thursday launched sensors for monitoring and maintenance of tyres.

Treel sensors (from the recently-acquired Treel Mobility Solutions) strengthens the company’s position in the domestic market, JK Tyre said in a statement.

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“The introduction of Treel sensors is the first such high-tech move towards creating a smart tyre in Indian markets. It provides an enhanced value proposition to vehicle owners, particularly fleets, by reducing their operational costs,” JK Tyre & Industries Chairman and Managing Director Raghupati Singhania said.

The company has introduced tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) via Treel sensors that help in monitoring the tyres’ vital statistics, including pressure and temperature.

The information collected by this monitoring system is relayed on a real-time basis to the vehicle owners’ smartphones, thus allowing for early detection of issues and deployment of timely preventive measures to avoid them.

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Treel sensors are now commercially available at more than 700 dealerships across the country, the company said.

Founded in 2017, by Chetan Khare, TREEL offers its solutions to both personal car owner and enterprise  fleet owners to tackle even the most complex challenge easily using  a cloud-based, web and mobile application called TMaaS (Tyre Management as a Service) and JK Connect and wireless smart tyre sensors for trucks and buses, making transport on every route connected, efficient and safe.

The company intends to evolve vehicle safety to a higher level and bring it to each and everyone – from Bikes to hatchbacks to trucks.

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