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Hyderabad’s ‘Zero Commission’ Cab hailing App partners 7500 Cab Drivers in 30 Days

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Hyderabad-based Tora Cabs Technology Services Pvt. Ltd. (TTSPL) has seen a surge in drivers joining them with over 7500 already on-board, since it announced its plans to foray into the market on June 27, 2019 with its “Zero Commission” “Zero Surge” Cab hailing app.

  • Driver Benefits
  • Zero commission for life
  • Only a subscription fee of Rs. 199 per day or Rs. 199 x 6 for 7 days or Rs. 199 x 25 for a mont
  • Driver has the flexibility to choose his plans
  • No fee charged till he gets optimal rides

He receives his payments almost immediately, maximum wait time is less than 12 hours

  • Unlimited rides
  • No hidden charges
  • Accident insurance cover

The company is currently on-boarding drivers and plans to launch its ride app for the passengers in August 2019.


Tora Cabs is about technology that will benefit a large number of people and it is a socially conscious business, therefore the promise of “No Commission” for the drivers and “No Surge” for the Customers. Tora Cabs, a joint venture with a Korean strategic partner has been started to bring about sustainability and convenience in public transport.

Kavita Bhaskaran Ravi, Director – Marketing & Public Policy, Tora Cabs Technology Services Pvt. Ltd. (TTSP) said, “Innovation and fair play are the cornerstones of Tora Cabs. Today we have over 7500 driver partners who are ready to embark on this journey with Tora Cabs which stands for convenience for drivers and passengers. The drivers are excited about our ‘zero commission’ business model and we will launch in August with at least 10,000 driver partners on-board.”

She added, “The drivers who have signed up with us are our partners and we are confident that we have the technology to fuel their entrepreneurship spirit. We believe in capacity building and sustainable growth which will have a positive impact on the society at large.” She pointed out, this will ensure that the passengers will always have cab availability and the ‘wait time’ is considerably reduced and this model will bring about a paradigm shift in the app based cab hailing sector.

Tora Cabs, a technology platform for cab hiring is all set to revolutionise the app-based ride hailing industry in the country. A unique cab hailing technology where drivers using the app need not pay any commission from the fare they collect; they would just need to pay a minimal daily subscription charge. Innovation and fair play are the cornerstones of Tora Cabs.

Tora Cabs is focussed on a sustainable model based on taking zero commission from the drivers. Drivers will only be charged pay per use fees starting with a nominal Rs. 199 per day, 199 x 6 for 7 days, and 199 x 25 for a month. This gives the driver the option of paying for only the days he uses. The ‘No commission’ model will ensure higher earnings for the drivers.

Tora Cabs Technology Services Pvt. Ltd. (TTSPL)

tora cabs

Tora Team (Image –

The company was conceived in 2017 and launched in June 2019 with a best in class IT infrastructure and a unique business model. Tora Cabs is a joint venture with a Korean partner headquartered in New Delhi, India. Tora Cabs is a technology company and the core purpose of our business model is to develop a platform that is fair and transparent for both riders and drivers.

Tora Cabs believes that change is inevitable, but it’s not always easy. Ride-hailing apps changed the world of taxi services forever, but each step in this evolutionary process has come with its share of challenges. Primary among these challenges is the elusive balance between rider satisfaction and driver happiness and Tora Cabs is all set to address this.

Tora Cabs believes in bringing technology closer to people and for their larger benefit. Tora Cabs come with a promise of “No commission” for the drivers and “No Surge” for the Customers. Tora Cabs, the joint venture with a Korean strategic partner has been started to bring about sustainability and convenience in public transport.

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