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Artificial intelligence, the technology that has the potential to initiate apocalypse, is gradually percolating through layers of scientific discovery to reach the grassroots- the common man.

The concept of machine intelligence is emerging stronger with every new phone that is being launched. Every new robot sitting in a remote laboratory is being taught to think on its own; to decide on its own.

Not long back, Facebook, the social media giant, in an attempt to conduct an experiment, asked two chat bots to negotiate amongst themselves. It was an endeavour to teach them the nuances of trade and debate.

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Image – Towardsdatascience.com

However, the trial catapulted against the scientists as they discovered that their chat bots had developed their own language- one that only they understood.

This experiment was immediately terminated as the scientists began investigating this ‘shorthand’ dialect that appeared incomprehensible to them.

Nonetheless, the task of negotiation that the chat bots were assigned, successfully concluded with the two parties coming to agreeable terms.

Scientists, however, seem to have bigger plans for these machines. The robots in particular and artificial intelligence at large can be extensively used in areas like space exploration and battlefields.

While these soon-to-be-meta humans develop their thinking abilities, we can only hope to reap the benefits of their creation for as long as we can.

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