India’s Competition Watchdog CCI Orders Google Antitrust Investigation for Android abuse concerns

India's Competition Watchdog CCI Orders Google Antitrust Investigation for Android abuse concerns

India has reportedly joined European Union (EU) in investigating Google over alleged Android antitrust concerns. Indian competition watchdog Competition Commission of India (CCI) has ordered an investigation into Alphabet Inc’s unit Google for allegedly abusing the dominant position of its popular Android mobile operating system to block rivals, reported Reuters citing two sources aware of the matter.

Interestingly, it is still unknown that who filed complaint but it involves more than just one person. Moreover the decision of CCI to go for full investigation has not been previously reported nor it was brought to public knowledge.

According to Reuters, in February last year CCI started looking into the complaint, which is similar to one Google faced in Europe that resulted in a 4.34 billion euro ($5 billion) fine on the company. In that very month, India’s CCI too imposed a fine of Rs 136 crore (~$21.1 million) on internet giant Google which was for unfair business practices in the Indian market for online search.

The Reuters report further said that, in mid-April, the CCI decided there was merit in the Android dominance accusations made in the complaint and ordered its investigation unit to launch a full probe.

The undergoing full investigation would be completed in about a year and Google executives would likely be summoned to appear before the CCI in coming months, said the report.

In a statement to Reuters, a Google spokesman said, “Android has enabled millions of Indians to connect to the internet by making mobile devices more affordable. Google looked forward to working with the CCI to demonstrate how Android has led to more competition and innovation, not less.”

In last decade, EU has launched three separate antitrust investigations into Google for violating the EU’s competition laws due to its dominant position in the market. These cases have resulted in formal charges against Google related to Google Shopping, Google AdSense and the Android operating system.

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