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A new Danish accelerator, for the newest, most promising and innovative tech companies, Urbantech, will attempt to strengthen the development of tech based solutions for sustainable construction and urban development. Urbantech is a three-month program based in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is looking for startups to apply before May 26th 2019 and were hoping you would share the news with your following as we are looking for startups all over the world.

The program is structured like a traditional accelerator with a 3-month onsite program, but unlike other accelerators its end-goal is to create meaningful partnerships between startups and partners. Urbantech don’t take any equity, but instead we provide startups with €15.000 to join, and to help cover travel and living expenses while they are staying in Copenhagen.

Urbantech is established by COWI, VKR Holding, EWII and supported by Realdania and The Danish Industry Foundation. The program is run by Rainmaking in collaboration with BLOXHUB, Danish Design Centre, Danish Architecture Center and AWS Activate.

Both Danish and international tech startups are invited to apply to be part of the new program. Startups are now able to submit their applications Here.

The ambition is to cultivate and strengthen new ideas and solutions, within technological innovation, for future-friendly cities over the next three years, through partnerships with a number of Danish companies. Urbantech is the collective term for the program’s focus on digital solutions to make construction more effective, buildings and power systems more flexible, public spaces more multifunctional, and cities emitting less CO2. In accordance to Danish culture, users and citizens are prioritized, with a focus on quality of life, both inside and out.

Danish strengths and global innovation.

The purpose of Urbantech is to connect Danish strengths within architecture, design and city planning with international expertise, technological innovation and business development. The program will select a group of Danish and international startups and support their growth through an intensive, tailored accelerator program. The program will curate a network of 100 mentors and investors, and include the program partners in the exploration for possible pilot-projects.

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Urbantech expects the participating startups will be able to scale their businesses even further after the program has ended, and be a part of creating the future of sustainable cities, both globally and within Denmark’s borders. This will also support Urbantech’s even greater ambition; to strengthen Denmark’s position as an international front-runner in creating sustainable cities through a strong ecosystem.

The best tech-solutions for the future of the built environment. The program partners include COWI, VKR Holding and EWII, who are all investing both money and time into the program. In collaboration with their other business units, the partners will help select startup teams develop their technology and businesses even further. Additionally, the startups will have the opportunity to work directly with program partners, in order to explore the possibilities for specific pilot-projects.

In addition to the corporate partners, Urbantech is also supported by the philanthropic association Realdania and The Danish Industry Foundation. Urbantech is facilitated by Rainmaking along with BLOXHUB, Danish Design Center (DDC) and Danish Architecture Center (DAC).

“The construction industry can learn a lot from how the tech-world approaches innovation. With Urbantech, we’re hoping to connect this way of thinking with the future of construction and urban development, thereby it won’t only be the startups participating in the program who will succeed in realizing their solutions for the benefit of both Danish and international cities, the Danish corporations within the construction industry will also find new inspiration for their work and ideas,” says Nina Kovsted Helk, Director of Philanthropy in Realdania.

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“An ambitious accelerator-program can attract new talent to Denmark, and that’s a step in the right direction when trying to build a Danish ecosystem focusing on intelligent urban solutions. During the program relevant players within the sector will meet, and when corporations, think-tanks and corporations work together, it can lead to great collaborations for everyone involved. The goal is to create a competitive urban tech environment in Denmark”, says Thomas Hofman-Bang, CEO in The Danish Industry Foundation and points at the fact that Denmark already holds a strong position due to its great experience within design, livability, clean tech, data management and infrastructure.

COWI: “Every week, more than three million people move to big cities all over the world. This creates great challenges and a need for innovative solutions. Being a part of the Urbantech program, allows us to support the development of new sustainable, digital solutions, while being inspired by the work environment we see in the startup world”, Lars-Peter Søbye, CEO VKR Holding: “Innovation and sustainability are important parts of our DNA, and to support this, we’d like to increasingly expose our companies, including VELUX, to startups and the entrepreneurial space” – Mads Kann-Rasmussen, CEO.

EWII: “Digitally integrated solutions in buildings are necessary to secure the transition to sustainable energy sources. Flexibility within the energy system is necessary to match consumption with production in a fossil fuels-free future” – Lars Bonderup Bjørn, CEO.

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