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Artificial intelligence becoming one of the best technologies in the present tech world . Till now we have seen the features which has brought  the AI to greater heights. In 2018 there was a drastic change in tools and applications based on artificial intelligence,those changes not only affected the internet industry but also other industries like healthcare,legal,agriculture, and manufacturing industries. AI is playing crucial role in the development process of world’s top companies like Google, facebook, Amazon etc.

Ai is Converting our daily business operations in a such a way that we have never seen before in any industry revolutions, Ai is optimizing and automating every business process means recommends a customer to buy product-2 to the customer who bought product-1,with this in mind we have to concentrate on the “Trends”which are added advantages to the current technology.

Majority of the industries are already started investing in AI and are able to reap the maximum out of it.  AI is transforming the day to day life of the common man along with the business world. Now let’s see the addons in 2019 that has made the AI functioning better compared to 2018.  let’s get into the topic.

Facial recognition:

face recognition

Facial Recognition is a form of artificial intelligence application that identifies people faces using shapes,features of the face and also using digital image.

In the initial days this facial recognition concepts has showed some negative impacts on every industry but  in 2019 we are going to see this feature with higher reliability and accuracy. we already aware facebook deepface program which will easily tag our family and friends with face recognition and  iphoenx already using face recognition feature to unlock the phone.

Taking the AI facial recognition push forward the KFC worked by Yum China Holdings Inc., one of China’s greatest inexpensive food chains are using robotic arms to serve the ice creams cones and use facial recognition technology to place orders and make payments.

Artificial Neural networks:

neural network e1555322001541

Artificial Neural network works similar to human neurons. Human brain consists of  100 billion of neurons to function the human brain. Artificial neurons are developed to make the computer or robot or machine to act like a human being.  These neurons are injected with vast amount of data to learn from. They take data as input to deliver the on demanded services.

There is a incredible demand for neural network and are  used for compose music,to improve order fulfilment, and diagnosis of medical problems.The current neural network technologies have improved a lot in  2019 and it would continue to rise the research that will improves its effectiveness. we can take advantage of these applications for life-altering situations.

Deep Learning:

deep learning

AI, the most well known type of AI calculations, winds up testing when the quantity of measurements of information increments. For instance, ascertaining the cost of a home given existing home costs in an area has just two components of information. Envision endeavoring to interpret your voice into content. The issue is currently exacerbated a hundred times.

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Profound learning is additionally the innovation behind self-driving vehicles, voice control just as picture acknowledgment. With the coming of both Amazon’s Alexa and Google home, there is a wide scope of voice-empowered applications that utilization Natural language processing (NLP) calculations, a case of profound learning.

This has expanded the enthusiasm for the up and coming age of profound learning calculations that can take care of considerably harder issues, for example, translating innovation framework issues.

Quantum Computing:

quantum computing

Quantum Computers Are using quantum physics for calculations and it will give the results as accurate than the super computers. Quantum computers could solve complex tasks that are beyond the capabilities of conventional computers.

2019 would see more research on quantum PCs and how to make methodologies to decrease the mistake rates to make important calculations conceivable. As per Andrew Childs, Co-chief, Joint Center for Quantum Information and Computer Science (QuICS), “Current mistake rates altogether limit the lengths of calculations that can be performed, We’ll need to complete much better on the off chance that we need to accomplish something fascinating.”



There are tremendous changes in the trends of Chatbots ,if you are surfing website and needs any help Chatbots will acts as a humans but it’s actually operated by robots,for example if a user wants to contact to the customer support chatbots will give directions on it’s own to help that particular person to connect with the customer support executive and will give response to the customer FAQ’s.

According to the research 25% of companies will use this chatbots or virtual assistant in their customer support by the end of 2020 and predicts that these chatbots are save the company revenue of $8 billion annually by 2022.


In the most recent decade Artificial intelligence has gone a scientific dream to basic piece of an ordinary lives.nowadays We are using AI frameworks to communicate with our telephones through alexa and siri. cars like Tesla’s decipher and break down their surroundings to insightfully drive themselves. Even google chooses what sort of query items to give us dependent on who it think we are. Artificial intelligence are here yet this stage is  just start on the grounds that later on AI is going to make a huge difference.

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