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Businesses are checking out the new Instagram Checkout, are you? In the last couple years, Instagram has metamorphosed into a massive social network, growing and not showing signs of slowing down. Innovations like Instagram Checkout is one way IG has managed to maintain mainstream relevance.

Recently, Facebook conducted a study which surveyed over 21,000 Instagram users in thirteen countries to gain more insight into why and how they use the platform.

Here’s Why and How People Use Instagram

 Why Instagram Marketing Matters

Instagram is one of the best visual sharing social media platforms used daily by over half a billion  people. It has come a long way. Once  a favorite for vacationers sharing holiday pictures, it now appeals to all kinds of people including influencers, advertisers and brands.

Since both your competitors and target audience use Instagram, you need to be on top of your Instagram game so as not to be left out of the picture, pun intended. Which brings us to the question, how can I maximize Instagram as a business user?

One of such ways is to befriend the trend, and one of such new trends is Instagram Checkout, which we would highlight in this post, but before that, here are:

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7 Strong Reasons to Take Instagram Marketing (More) Seriously

  • Social Media Users are Most Active on instagram

Instagram presently has over 1 billion monthly active users compared to 130 million monthly active users as of June 2013. At this growth rate, you should spend more time and resources mastering Instagram marketing as users spend an average of 2 hours and 22 minutes a day on social networks.

  • Instagram’s Influence on Millennials

Instagram is the second most engaged social network, according to Emarketer. Also, Statista reports that 71% of Instagram’s billion monthly active users are below 35. Who are your target audience as a business? Do they fall within this age range?  If yes, Instagram is the right place for you!

  • Other BusinessesUse Instagram to Promote their Brands

According to Mention, 71% of US businesses claim to use instagram for business. Also, 7 out of 10 hashtags on instagram are branded. With Instagram, businesses have a better opportunity to market their product using visuals and connecting to the right audience.

  • Impact of Instagram Stories on Brand Marketing
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Launched in 2016, Instagram Stories helps businesses advertise their products and services (without trying) using visuals. With Instagram stories, businesses can share their everyday moments and products without having to post it as content on their profile

  • Business, Brands and their Relationship with Instagrammers

80% of Instagram users follow at least one business. Whatever your niche or vertical, you can rest assured that there are instagrammers who are ready to follow and buy from your brand.

  • Building your Brand with Instagram

Instagram helps you make a positive impression on your audience and potential customers. 83% of instagrammers say they discover new products and services on instagram. With Instagram Shopping and  Instagram CheckOut, users can now place orders in-app.

  • Growth of Instagram Engagement

Instagram engagement increased to 29% between October 2017 and May 2018. This shows that brands can generate more interactions on Instagram compared to Facebook and other social networks. As a brand that wants to improve B2C interaction, Instagram is the right place for you.

This leads us to; 

7 Noteworthy Instagram Marketing Trends in the Last Five Years. 

  • Instagram is great for Visual Content Studiesshow that 93% of people focus on visual content when making purchase decisions.
  • As of 2019, Instagramhas over 1 billion monthly active users and counting.
  • 57% of instagram users access the site daily.
  • Engagement on Instagram is 20 times higher than on Facebook and Twitter (combined).
  • Over 86% of top brands have instagram accounts which increases brands usage of instagram.
  • 40% of people will respond more to visual information than plain text.
  • Instagram just launchedIn-app checkout feature which now allows users shop, buy or purchase products in-app or onsite.

Now, let’s see

What Instagram Checkout Is All About


Instagram Checkout is an in-app feature which now makes it possible to shop and make purchases directly within the app, without stress. With Instagram Checkout customers would be able to track their purchases and contact sellers (brands) about their orders within the app.

With this new feature, Instagram is enabling businesses to offer more personalised ecommerce services to followers, further bridging the gap between social and commerce. Note however, that Instagram Shopping is different from Instagram Checkout. With the former, you’re directed to merchant’s website to complete purchase, whereas Instagram Checkout allows you pay and monitor orders in-app or onsite.

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Instagram Checkout is yet to launch officially sitewide, but works with the following brands:

  • Adidas Women@adidaswomen
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills@anastasiabeverlyhills
  • Balmain @balmain
  • Burberry@burberry
  • ColourPop Cosmetics@colourpopcosmetics
  • Dior @dior
  • H&M @hm
  • Huda Beauty@hudabeautyshop
  • KKW Beauty @kkwbeauty
  • Kylie Cosmetics @kyliecosmetics
  • MAC Cosmetics@maccosmetics
  • Michael Kors@michaelkors
  • NARS @narsissist
  • Nike Training Club@niketraining and @nikewomen
  • NYX Cosmetics @nyxcosmetics
  • Oscar de la Renta @oscardelarenta
  • Ouai Haircare @theouai
  • Outdoor Voices @outdoorvoices
  • Revolve @revolve
  • Uniqlo @uniqlo
  • Warby Parker@warbyparker
  • ZARA@zara

. Source: Instagram Info Center

Following are Five (5) Reasons To Check Out The New Instagram Check Out

  1. It Could bethe Future of Social (Online) Shopping

In 2018, online retail sales revenue grew 8.8% to $2.489 trillion. With Instagram Checkout, shopping on IG just got better, easier, and more direct for shoppers, and creates new opportunities for social commerce.

  1. Improving Direct Instagram Advertising for Brands

With Instagram Checkout brands are able to more easily sell to customers at moments that most influence their purchase decisions thereby creating room for more sales.

  1. Customer Safety and Convenience is Guaranteed

On first time purchase, customer data is saved securely for faster checkout on subsequent purchases. Also, customer payment details aren’t shared to third-party sellers, increasing privacy.

  1. Purchase At The Point Of Inspiration

With in-app checkout, customers can purchase a product immediately they see it and like

  1. it. This can make them purchase at first sight.

5. It Could be a Game Changer for Brands that Use Visual Content

Purchase at first sight means that brands need to up their visual content game in order to produce more appealing photos, videos. In the long run, brands get better at advertising and visual marketing.


Instagram has done quite a lot to encourage social commerce with features like Instagram Shopping, Shoppable Posts, Stories, Live Videos, IGTV, etc.


It’s latest in-app shopping feature could mean extra convenience for shoppers and extra sales for brands.


When considering Insta Checkout for your brand, remember

  1. It could bethe future of social shopping
  2. It can improve direct Instagram advertising for brands
  3. Customer safety and convenience areguaranteed
  4. Customerscan purchase at first sight
  5. It can help to rebrand brands that use visual content


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