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A week back, we reported that a team of 50 engineers, backed & funded by Zoho Corp, has been working in stealth mode for last eights years to come up with India’s first home-made 4G LTE modem.

In a latest to this, the company name has been revealed who have done this and its — Signalchip Innovations.

On Wednesday, India’s Telecom Secretary, Ms Aruna Sundararajan has launched India’a first indigenous semiconductor chips at Mobile World Congress while Zoho founder Sridhar Vembu addressed the gathering at Signalchip’s press release yesterday.

Based out of Bangalore, the semiconductor manufacturing company Signalchip Innovations unveiled India’s first indigenous “Made in India” semiconductor chips that could be used in 4G/LTE and 5G NR Modem applications.

signalchip press

Himamshu Khasnis, Signalchip Founder (3rd from Left), Telcom secretary
Ms Aruna Sundararajan, and Sridhar Vembu (Extreme Right)

Code-named ‘Agumbe‘ (a small village located in Shimoga district in Karnataka), the chip is the result of over eight years of research and development by Signalchip engineers.

With this, Signalchip has put India into an elite group of countries that own this widely used fundamental technology.

Founded in 2010, by Himamshu Khasnis, an alumnus of IIT-Madras, Signalchip is a fabless semiconductor company working on extremely innovative chips to enable high speed wireless communication standards like 4G-LTE/3G-WCDMA and 5G-NR.

Himamshu, after working at technology firms such as TI and Ittiam, launched Signalchip as a garage startup with two people and grew to 40 people organization as of now.

“Currently in India, all devices and infrastructure, whether imported or domestically manufactured, use imported silicon chips. Silicon chip design is a very challenging activity requiring high-cost R&D, deep knowhow and mastery of multiple complex domains. Hence, this technology is not available in most countries. Given that wireless communication is central to almost all economic, strategic and domestic activities happening today, the ability to indigenously design and develop silicon chips is vital for the security and prosperity of our country,” said Himamshu Khasnis, Founder and CEO of Signalchip.

Besides being mentored and funded by Sridhar Vembu, founder and CEO of Zoho, Signalchip was also guided by an elite set of professors at IIT Madras in the field of complex analog/RF design.

Sridhar Vembu, Founder & CEO of Zoho, said, “India has always had the talent required to build any technology. We just need to be patient and have enough capital to put it all together. It’s a long-term commitment. Through smart planning and relentless efforts, Signalchip has acquired the capability required to create any complex and globally competitive silicon chip, indigenously from India. I truly appreciate the patience and diligence the Signalchip team has shown to build this chip. Only long-term R&D can make Indian companies globally competitive”

When US and China are battling it out for the core ICT technology, India cannot lag behind. She said, even the high powered Committee formed by the Government of India and headed by Stanford University professor A.J. Paulraj to outline a road map for 5G telecom services has suggested breaking into the IPRs of 5G. She said, the launch of a world class product by Signalchip is start of the Third Wave, after Software and IndiaStack as First and Second wave.

said Secretary Sundararajan

Source – Business Standard, Computer World

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