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Sylvia Plath, Andy Warhol, Albert Einstein,  Anne Frank, Ludwig van Beethoven, Kurt Cobain, Agatha Christie – the list goes on and on. These famous people all kept diaries or journals. Keeping a journal is a hobby that can make a huge difference in a person’s well-being. As an employer, you want the people working for you to be motivated in life so they will be able to function at work efficiently. Therapists and counselors encourage their patients to keep journals to help them process their thoughts and feelings. In turn, you could recommend keeping journals to your employees – journals designed to help professionals keep track of their work-related activities among other details of their life. Here are five ways custom journals can help your employees.

1.  Writing a journal has mental and emotional benefits.

Keeping a journal can be therapeutic. Being able to write down what’s inside of you can be a cathartic release. A journal where you can safely write what you are thinking and feeling can help you deal with what is happening in your life and in your surroundings. Your journal is a safe environment where you can express yourself without fear or stress.

2.  Track your goals.

You can write down in your journal all the goals you want to achieve. You can better track your progress when you write the details down. Set your plan of attack on how to achieve your goals on the private confines of your journal away from prying eyes. Managing your goals is made easier when you have a journal.

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3.  Keep creative juices flowing.

When you write, you stimulate your brain. Even the seemingly simple task of reliving the events of your day can help you process and break down complex experiences. Journaling can help a person get smarter as they learn to organize their thoughts through writing.

4.  Gain better habits.

Maintaining a journal regularly forces you to be more aware of your actions and behavior as you pay closer attention when you recollect the events of your day. You begin to analyze yourself more effectively as you get to know yourself more. You learn valuable lessons from writing about the mistakes you made while you boost your self-esteem when you recall the successes you had.

5.  Record your career.

A journal can also be a work diary as you record your professional achievements. You can track your progress in a more organized manner when you write them down. It will then be clearer where you are currently and where you want to go career-wise. Your written record can also be helpful when you seek a raise or promotion because you can trace and verify past information easily and you will also avoid overlooking relevant details.

You will be able to look out for the welfare of your employees by getting them started in writing a journal. Keeping a custom journal is a worthwhile and rewarding hobby for every working person to have.

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