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Walmart Labs Acqui-Hires Bengaluru-based Startup Dataturks

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Walmart Labs, the technology unit of retail firm Walmart, has acqui-hired its third Indian startup, Dataturks, a Bengaluru-based Machine Learning (ML) -based Data Annotation Platform that do image bounding, document annotation, NLP and text annotations.

The acquisition will help Walmart to use Dataturk’s machine learning capabilities for content enrichment.

Post acquisition, the 5-member team of Dataturks will be part of Wamart’s merchant technology team for catalogue enrichment.

Founded in last year, by Gajendra Dadheech and Mohan Gupta, Dataturks makes ML data annotations super easy by allowing teams to upload data, invite other team member to upload and build training/evaluation dataset in hours and find labeled datasets.

In December 2018, Walmart Labs had acqui-hired
, a Bangalore-based mobile analytics aka MicroApps startup and in September last year it acquired Appsfly, a Bangalore-based micro-app startup.

In August last year, reported that Walmart Labs was close to acquire a couple of Indian startups strategic to its business.

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