Today, LITHO, a new device described as “the mouse for the real world” and “the universal remote for modern life”, is launching.

The finger-worn device, known as LITHO, allows users to interact with and control multiple items in a revolutionary new way including

  • Augmented Reality – on multiple devices from smartphones to AR headsets
  • Smart devices – control all smart devices including smartphones, smart displays, smart lights, smart thermostats, smart locks, etc
  • Remote control – replace all TV remote controls with LITHO.

Nat Martin, one of LITHO’s two British inventors, said ” Imagine that you could reach through your screen and control the world behind it. Or that your cursor could jump off the screen and into the real world.

“You could then use it to control connected devices — like smart thermostats, lights or locks – or to ‘draw’ things on or in the real world. That’s what LITHO lets you do.”

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LITHO aspires to transform AR like the touch-screen transformed the smartphone. “It will be the bridge between the digital and real world” says Martin.

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LITHO has a touchpad on the underside, “haptic feedback” and an array of motion sensors, allowing you to interact with the world beyond your screen.

LITHO is launching a waitlist for anyone to sign up today.

LITHO has been developed with the help of investment from a team of experienced investors, in both the UK and US. They include Paul Heydon, Chris Albinson, Nick Alexander and Greycroft, a leading US-based venture capital firm that invests in the Internet and mobile markets.

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“LITHO is a game-changer for Augmented Reality & Smart device control”, says investor Paul Heydon of Breakaway Growth, a venture capital firm. “We see countless opportunities – but rarely one with the potential of LITHO.”

It all started as a student invention, for a graduation project. Now two young Londoners, with American and British backers, are bringing it to market.

Nat Martin, 24, and Charlie Bruce, 25, have shared a passion for technology since becoming school-friends age 11. “Our earliest memory”, says Martin, “was trying to convert a PlayStation into a portable game console.”

But what does it mean to call LITHO “the mouse for the real world”?

“It lets you interact intuitively with the world beyond your screen”, answers Martin. “It allows you, for example, to sculpt 3D objects on your desk or fling virtual planets across your bedroom.”

The new device will also serve a second purpose – let you control smart devices, such the latest smart TVs, lights, thermostats, locks and virtual assistants like Alexa or Google Home – simply by pointing at them.

“With your phone still in your pocket, LITHO can also be used to interact with your smart devices”, says Martin.

The initial target market, for the next nine months, will comprise software developers, digital artists and those interested in developing enterprise apps for use with LITHO. 

Interested developers can apply to join a private beta programme, which opens today. The beta programme gives developers early access to the hardware and software tools required to get started building apps, for $199 or £179 UK.

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“From today, we’re making making our hardware and toolkit (SDK/ Software Developer Kit) available to selected developers and partners interested in making apps for LITHO”, says Martin.

“We expect the consumer version of LITHO to get on sale to the public near the end of this year.

The target market will be the general public but the early adopters are likely to be tech-enthusiast adults and children. “The initial apps will probably be multiplayer outdoor games for people to play on their phones”, says Martin. But the potential uses for architects, product and other designers now able to create instant 3D models of their designs, are also vast.


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