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Online business owners need professional help and tools to manage their businesses. There are many tools that help with the day to day running of an online business. Promo gives online business owners a platform through which they can effectively market their business. A business marketing partner will make it easier for any business entrepreneur to create more awareness of their business. This leads to a wider market niche and more sales. Through the basic online tools discussed below, any new or existing business owners can easily reduce business costs and run a business to higher profitability.

Here are 3 online tools for business owners:

  1. Cloud-based software

It is important to have a mobile office when running any business. This way, you can run it from anywhere since opportunities may strike at any time. Having a mobile office makes it possible to create documents, retrieve important business files and easily share files and edit them where necessary. The Google docs, slides, and sheets are important tools that you require to run your business. Google suite software will help you work online from a tablet, your phone or the office computer from any location since its cloud-based.

  1. Video content marketing platform

With the right video creation tools that you may access online from any device since they are cloud-based, then you can easily create and share appropriate video content. Through Promo and other video content marketing platform it will be possible to get more traffic to your site. Buffering will make it possible to post content on the various social media platform. Social media marketing is an effective online marketing strategy. This is especially so for viral posts that generates a lot of traffic and high conversions. With the right channels, you may schedule posts for a month or any duration that you may prefer. You may also streamline all your social media accounts including Facebook, and Instagram among others to share the content. Remember to track the performance of all the social media marketing campaign to know the most effective option.

  1. Customer relationship management tools
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Customer loyalty is very important. This will help to retain customers and increase repeat sales. There are various tools online that can help you create a customer database and leads. You may use the database to market future business products. Through such tools, capturing customer information becomes easier. Their interactions and purchases history can also be maintained through such tools. When evaluating your business progress, such information is important. You may use customer database and spending habits to strategize on ways to increase sales. It also becomes easier to include them in your social media platforms and this way, any business information can be shared easily. Some of the best CRM tools include Insightly, Act, and Zoho.

Depending on the type of business, there are other specific tools that you may require for your online business. The above three tools are important for all businesses. They will help you run the business easily and effectively.


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