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On Wednesday this week, a split in the polar vortex resulted temperatures to drop much farther in plenty of Midwestern cities of the United States and these region are now experiencing chillier temperature than areas in the Arctic, Antarctic, and even other planets. This so far has resulted in 8 human deaths in a developed country like the U.S. and more than 1,600 flights were cancelled from Chicago till Thursday.

In an another incident, a massive hundreds of thousands of native fish died overnight in a darling river of Menindee, a small town in New South Wales, Australia, and this happened because of substantial drop in air temperatures from 46C to 28C on January 4 and 5 associated with cold fronts passing frequently through the region causing layers of water with different dissolved oxygen levels to mix, reducing the overall dissolved oxygen available to fish and eventually causing ecological disaster enough to cause “Massive Fish Kill”.

These are just two of major incidents that prove that Climate Change is REAL.

Sensing the ongoing seriously ill effects of climate change, Tesla & SpaceX founder, Elon Musk, has released all of the electric carmaker Tesla’s patents to everyone who use the company’s technologies in “Good Faith”. This has been done as part of Elon Musk and his company’s effort to fight climate change.

In a blog post, Elon Musk promised that his company “will not initiate patent lawsuits against anyone who, in good faith, wants to use our technology.”

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This decision of Musk is now seen as a remarkable move in an industry where the smallest idea or seed of invention is carefully guarded to protect its monetary value.

Technology leadership is not defined by patents, which history has repeatedly shown to be small protection indeed against a determined competitor, but rather by the ability of a company to attract and motivate the world’s most talented engineers. We believe that applying the open source philosophy to our patents will strengthen rather than diminish Tesla’s position in this regard,” said Musk in the blog post.

“Tesla Motors was created to accelerate the advent of sustainable transport,” Musk said. “If we clear a path to the creation of compelling electric vehicles, but then lay intellectual property landmines behind us to inhibit others, we are acting in a manner contrary to that goal.”

In fact Musk said he was now skeptical of patents which too often only served “to stifle progress” and helped enrich giant corporations and lawyers rather than inventors.

He said he had earlier felt compelled to file patents for Tesla to prevent big car companies from copying the technology and using the huge marketing and sales apparatus to take over the market.

“We couldn’t have been more wrong. The unfortunate reality is the opposite,” he said, noting that electric or clean-fuel cars “at the major manufacturers are small to non-existent.”

But with car production continuing at 100 million a year “it is impossible for Tesla to build electric cars fast enough to address the carbon crisis,” Musk said.

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Have other companies making electric cars and the world would benefit from rapid advances in technology.

“We believe that applying the open-source philosophy to our patents will strengthen rather than diminish Tesla’s position,” and ability to attract talented engineers, he said.


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