In 2017, American space agency National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), had launched a satellite having weight of just 64-gram and made by Chennai-based SPACE KIDZ INDIA, an organization dedicated, in designing innovative concepts for students in the field of education. The satellite — earlier version of Kalamsat-V2 — could have become world’s lightest satellite ever launched globally, but it was never made it to orbit up there in space.

Team at SPACE KIDZ at Chennai, all comprising students, didn’t gave up and again come up with the satellite which have cubical size of just 10 cm and now weighs 1200 grams or 1.2 Kg.

In a latest now, Kalamsat-V2 – world’s lightest satellite has now successfully placed in orbit by a rocket launched by the Indian space agency, Indian Space Rsearch Orgabization (ISRO) on Thursday (24th January 2019) night from Satish Dhawan space centre, Sriharikota at 23:39 hrs IST.

SpaceKidz India design team Kalamsat

Student Team from SpaceKidz India (Source: Space Kidz India)

Don’t know if NASA had charges any cost in 2017 but ISRO launched it for FREE and hasn’t charges a single rupee for launching the student-made satellite.

Kalamsat-V2, which is lighter than a wooden chair and has a life span of two months, uses a modified new kind of electronic systems and buses which makes use of commercially off the shelf components to make the space exploration easier and economical. We will be testing the performances of these newly modified systems like OBC, eps, communication, and structure.

Kalamsat will be the first-ever satellite to use this ps4 as the orbital platform and do research. It will reduce the cost of space exploration and launch very much and also reduce the development of space debris.

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It cost Rs. 12 lakh to make and was made ready in six days, though the group perfected the technology over a span of six years, said Srimathy Kesan, a 45-year-old professional who steered this motley group of 20-something at Space Kidz India.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated scientists of ISRO for the launch. “Heartiest congratulations to our space scientists for yet another successful launch of PSLV. This launch has put in orbit Kalamsat, built by India’s talented students,” PM Modi tweeted.

“Space Kidz India” is an organization creating “Young scientists” for the “Country” and spreading awareness among children for a “borderless world”. It creates International experiential learning for students in the field of science, Technology, Art, and Culture. Also Ambassadors to the “NASA”, “ESA” and “GCTC Russia” Space Camps, Pioneers in organizing International workshops.

Source – NDTV

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