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Mumbai-based Agrahyah Launches Aawaz.com, An Audio On-Demand Platform in Indian Vernacular Languages

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Agrahyah Technologies announced the launch of Aawaz.com, an audio on demand platform with 100% professionally generated content in Indian vernacular languages. With aawaz, people can listen to podcasts, chat shows, and interviews and also read articles and features.

Aawaz.com is currently available as website and Android app. http://bit.ly/getaawazto download or give a missed call to 7776022929.

aawaz.com is first of its kind platform in Hindi with both audio content and text content bundled into one, and both of them are created professionally in-house. The audio content has scripts written by popular writers and voices of famous RJs.aawaz.com website and app are currently available in Hindi and is aimed at the vast HSM (Hindi Speaking Market) of India.

With aawaz.com or the app, people can listen to over 150 hours of audio content which is scripted, recorded, and presented as podcasts and shows. Aawaz also packs in over one thousand text articles. Both audio and text content are spread across multiple genres including entertainment, lifestyle, health, wellbeing, fiction, literature, devotional, comedy and humor, celebrities, career, relationships, and more.

Both audio and text are in Hindi and created ground up by Agrahyah Technologies, the Mumbai based innovative software and content company. Both the app and website are free of cost for the consumer to use, and at the time of launch, people can enjoy an ad free experience.

Speaking about the launch, Sreeraman Thiagarajan, cofounder of Agrahyah Technologies says “We are delighted to be producing content ground up to make it contextually relevant, and useful for people of India.Aawaz.com is our way of making the web useful to people by providing high quality and genuine content created by subject matter experts. While we are striving to make content useful, it is also entertaining.”

Entire library of aawaz.com is living room friendly and contains no profanity and no violent content. The programming is aimed to be a pleasant, and suitable for audience of all ages in a family.

Rushabh Vasa, cofounder of Agrahyah Technologies adds “While English podcasts as an industry is in nascent stage in India, vernacular based audio content consumption has always been high in India, albeit ina passive format. Just observe a salon nextdoor, or an average commuter on a public transport, you’ll see them listening and working or earphones plugged while their hands and eyes are busy doing something else.

aawaz.com is built with cutting edge technology stack and hosted on Cloud for a faster and seamless streaming experience for end user. Aawaz.com will also have ML (machine learning) and AI (artificial capabilities) based capabilities to recommend and personalize content based on user’s preferences.

Aawaz.com packs in many unique shows and podcasts including, Health and wellness chat show, Akbar – Birbal stories, Holy rivers of India, Step by step Yoga guide, Comedy and parody shows, devotional chants such as Hanuman Chalisa, Gayatri Matra, and mythological fables.

Aawaz.com has something for listeners at all times of the day, one can start the day by listening to soft news and human-interest stories or get panchang updates for shubmuhurat of the day, to meditative chants and motivational content to help relax in the evening.

While majority of the shows are 10 minutes long each, there are byte sized content in the humor and comedy genre that are 30 seconds to 3 minutes long.

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