UN Launches Facebook Chatbot to Fight Climate Change

UN Launches Facebook Chatbot to Fight Climate Change

Climate is no longer a problem of future world but its a serious issue currently faced by the world across. Increase in the average temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere and its oceans, this change is resulting a permanent change in the Earth’s climate affecting human health across the globe.

Hence, in order to enable individuals around the world to unite to battle climate change, United Nations has announced the launch of Facebook chatbot called ‘Actnow.Bot‘ during the COP24 climate change conference held in Poland on Monday.

Designed to fuel climate change understanding, and urges advocates to take personal action via the Facebook Messenger Platform, the chatbot is fully interactive and responsive that users can find on the UN Facebook page. It suggests everyday actions determined by the user’s interaction with the bot, that can be taken to preserve the environment and shared via the social platform to encourage collective action.

Actnow bot of UN

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The UN identified 10 key actions people can take in their daily lives, including taking shorter showers, eating meat-free meals and driving less. It asks you to commit to an action and hands out information like “Fewer cars on the road means less traffic and lower emissions.”

ActNow users can log completed actions and share them with others on Facebook. The chatbot has already counted nearly 7,000 actions. “The campaign will highlight the impact that collective action can have at this critical moment in our planet’s history,” says the UN.

Alison Smale, the Under-Secretary-General of Global Communications of United Nations, welcomed the launch saying, “This new social media tool, a Facebook Messenger bot, will help people learn about activities to reduce their carbon footprint, and show—and share with friends—how they are making an impact. We all need to do things differently.”

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