India’s central bank, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), has introduced a survey on India’s startup sector (SISS), in order to create a profile of the startups to get first-hand information of startups provide dimensions pertaining to their profitability and workforce.

With this survey, RBI is collecting data on parameters such as their turnover, profitability, financing and workforce, the SISS also looks into challenges faced by Indian startups and quizzes them on their future plans with regard to a stock exchange listing. Notably, all the individual responses or identity of the respondents will not be revealed.

RBI has also mailed to all startup registered with the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP). Startups, who have not been approached, may also participate by downloading the survey schedule from the link given above. The filled-in survey schedule can also be mailed to RBI to sissquery@rbi.org.in

And, this is big time opportunity of startups in India reach out to the apex financial body in India as the survey would also aim at talking about the problems being faced by the startup ecosystem in the country and RBI is one body that make regulation about not just on ‘Data’ of banking & finance but is also actively involved in policy making of fintech startups related activities.

The survey, which is also available at the bank’s website www.rbi.org.in under the head ‘Forms’ (available in the ‘More Links’ at the bottom of the home page) and sub-head ‘Survey’. Go Direct here – www.rbi.org.in/Scripts/BS_ViewForms.aspx?FCId=40.

“Other startups, who have not been approached for want of location details may also participate in this survey by downloading the survey schedule from the link given above. The filled-in survey schedule may be mailed (also mentioned in the survey schedule),” said the apex bank.

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