After giving the country its biggest incubation and accelerator centre T-Hub, Telangana government is now gearing up to unveil country’s largest Makerspace a.k.a hardware prototyping centre — ‘T-Works’. T-Works will be open its doors for electronics, electromechanical and mechanical startups and individuals by April, 2019.

The first phase of T-Works will be spread across 70,000 sq. ft. and will house about 500-plus people. Going forward, the second phase of T-Works will be spread across 2.5 lakh sq ft. and can house almost 1,500-2,000 people at any given point of time and it is set to be unveiled in another two years.

In T-Works anyone will get an access to consumable, prototyping equipment and a community of designers, engineers, artists, contract manufacturers, corporates all in one location. Telangana government is committed to continue adding sections to T-Works’ prototyping facility to cater to hobbyists, artists, and entrepreneurs.

The hardware prototyping facility, which is set to come up closer to T-Hub phase-II, will be set up with an overall investment of Rs 60 crore out of which Rs 40 crore will be spend on the building and the rest Rs 20 crore will be spent on equipment – purchased both by the government and also by the partnering companies.

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The phase-2 of T-Hub, the accelerator & incubator, has been postponed to June next year as there were some defects in the construction, according to the state government officials. The completion T-Hub Pahse-2 is expected by June-July next year.

With the first phase-2, T-Works will be among the top 3 prototyping facility in the world, according to Sujai Karampuri, CEO, T-Works.

More than 30 companies will collaborate with the T-Works and unlike T-hub there will be non-discriminatory access to everyone. The makerspace has partnered with GE First Build, Dassault, Microsoft and Qualcomm for the facility.

The makerspace is actively looking for corporate, academia, non-profits, skilling agencies and others to actively work with it and create an enabling culture for makers and entrepreneurs alike.

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