Sportobuddy, an online portal and app receives a seed fund of 0.5 million dollars at inception from Mehul Shah,IPL team owner. The amount raised was utilized by Sportobuddy to develop the platform. Post the beta launch, the brand is all set for a rollout, and has received a commitment of funding for a further 1.5 million dollars. Sportobuddy will utilize the allocated funds to push the brand in the digital space, reach out to its expanding user-base in a way more dynamic and continue on its path of finding key strategic partners pan-India to enable its vision of being a leading player in the field of sports and technology.

The company was founded by techie & avid sports lovers Sandeep Mahadevan & Sunil Kukadia, who were keen to marry sports with technology that will aid amateurs and enthusiasts alike. Through Sportobuddy, a user can discover, book, play and connect with fellow players in a manner sans any hassles. One can now map a universe of Gyms, Yoga and Zumba studios, adrenaline pumping adventure sports like rafting, para-sailing & trekking, a widespread of courts & turfs and professional coaching services. Also, a user can measure one’s own performances, interact with fellow-players, host tournaments and compete with others, all at the touch of a finger-tip. The app is set to launch its second phase soon.

We all have a united vision to develop the sporting landscape of India. The funding will be mobilized towards our key communication strategies and garner growth for the evolving network of partners across the nation. We are overwhelmed with a power-packed response by sports fraternity, indicating a promising maiden innings of our venture and look forward to a fruitful endeavor inclined towards the organization of sports sector of India’ said Sandeep Madhavan, co-founder, Sportobuddy.

Debuting in 2016, Sportobuddy emerged as a disruptive online portal and mobile app that integrated sports with technology to deliver a holistic sporting experience using location intelligence. Simply put, one can now book a match at their favourite turf, link up with fellow players, and be a part of sporting events based on where they are, all at the tap of a button.

An ever-evolving sporting landscape where ideas are seamless and opportunities are waiting to be discovered, served as the perfect setting for entrepreneurs Mehul Shah, Sunil Kukadia and Sandeep Madhavan to step in and change the game. The trio very quickly realised that sport in the amateur community didn’t just generate widespread leisurely interest, but reflected an incumbent way of life. Created with a vision to facilitate a healthier, and more active lifestyle for the urban Indian – today, this path-breaking platform developed on a marketplace model, aids amateurs and enthusiasts alike, to discover, book, play and connect with fellow players in a manner sans any hassles. 

The portal also engages those looking to map a universe of Gyms, Yoga & Zumba studios, adrenaline pumping adventure sports like rafting, para-sailing & trekking, and professional coaching services. All of which, makes for a robust and cutting edge user experience.

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