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Aditya Birla’s abof is an online fashion store that has chosen a different approach to sell fashion. Over the last two years, its market share has grown on the back of a feature heavy shopping experience that allows site visitors to learn trends and get personalized content aimed at their individual styles. The fashion portal features celebrity news, international trends and tech features that blur the line between online and physical shopping.

Here are some of the unique attributes that are changing the face of apparel shopping in India.

Virtual Reality Change Room

The biggest drawback of online shopping is often considered to be the lack of the physical verification, especially when trying to identify the right fits and sizes. Size charts are left redundant due to the sheer variety of brands, different size calibrations and designs. The 3D change room feature of abof was set up with London-based online fitting company, Metail. Customers get to choose avatars and fill in their basic measurements, after which they can click on a range of specially photographed garments to see the fitting. This feature is also expected to reduce returns rates, a double benefit resulting in more happy customers and less waste of resources for the company.

Visual Search

Abof’s visual search feature addresses a conundrum often faced by the avid shopper. There are times when we see a garment but cannot get its exact details like brand or label, making it an absolute time-consuming process to sift through entire inventories. With this smart feature, you just need to upload a clear picture of the product, and if it is in the abof inventory, a match will be showed and you can buy that product online.

Personalized Feed

Abof encourages users to explore new trends and styles for a truly genuine fashion shopping experience. Its personalised feed feature tracks your choices and ensures that you get landing page content based on your personal fashion. The What’s Hot feature is a source of the latest tips, trends and styles curated especially for you, based on what you like.

Delivery on a Sunday

Sometimes you have instances where your package has arrived in your town, but because it is the weekend you have to wait longer. Why experience the hassle of accepting your package on a busy Monday when you have all of Sunday? abof has now added Sunday deliveries to its roster of features that ensure a convenient end-to-end shopping experience for everyone.

Hassle-Free Returns, Quick Refunds

Returns have always been the area that causes shoppers the most tension. One touch returns and a 24-hour refund policy means that you do not have to fret over your purchase for too long if it does not satisfy you. This feature adds to the end-to-end customer focused approach that abof is gradually building on.

Currently, abof has more than 120 brands including exclusive in-house products and celebrity labels like SKULT, a Shahid Kapoor production. From athleisure clothing to fusion ethnic formals, the site has it all covered along with customised features and tech-powered shopping experiences.


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