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Nowadays, television is focused on demonstrating the inspiring stories and struggles of leading entrepreneurs. Various talk shows are being telecasted on different channels with unique concepts and ideas. Shows like Young Turks, Meet the Entrepreneurs, Hausely ki Udan etc. have already established a huge viewership all across the nation.

Recently, A Dubai based research and review company WBR Corp has done extensive research on different TV talk shows in India in which they have considered leading business channels like Bloomberg TV, ET Now, CNBC, and Zee Business. The study has come with some facts about the channels and prevailing entrepreneur’s talk shows that are recording good TRPs in different time slots which are depicted here:

ChannelsShowsTime Slots
CNBC-TV18Young Turks6-8 PM, 10-12 AM
Bloomberg TVMeet the Entrepreneurs9-12 AM
Zee BusinessSelf Made1-2 PM

As per the study, in a time slot of 10-12 AM, 1-2 PM and 6-9 PM, for all weekdays in which CNBC-TV 18 leads in slot of 10-12 AM and 6-8 PM. Bloomberg TV 9-12 and  Zee Business is doing well  in 1-2 PM slot on Sunday because of their new talk show “Self Made”.

It is very surprising that TRPs recorded by Zee Business on Sundays have suddenly increased in time slot of 1-2 PM. Recently a new talk show Self Made was launched with the unique concept which highlights the untold success stories of self made personalities from different sectors. 

Young Turks and Self Made are giving close competition to each other both in terms of concept and viewership. Both the shows are quite similar but still having a small but significant difference. On one side, Young Turks is focused on depicting the success stories of already established leaders who are well-known in the market such as Deep Kalra, CEO,, Rajiv Bajaj, MD of Bajaj Auto and etc. But on another side, Self Made is totally emphasized on self made and startup entrepreneurs such as Ar. Deepak Mehta, Dr. Balvir kalra and etc.

The Research Analysts have also mentioned some kind of ratings to the shows:

Young Turks8.5
Meet the Entrepreneurs7
Self Made8

As per the ratings, Young Turks has maintained its no. 1 position in viewership and Self Made is giving very close competition both in terms of concept and content of the show. The fascinating celebrity host of the show Rohit Roy has also attained huge appreciation in portraying the success stories of real life heroes by his style statement and the way he brings comfort ability among participants to speak out on every part of their life’s struggle.

All shows are doing well as per the expectations and getting positive responses from the audience. But Surprisingly, Self Made is doing extraordinary job in attracting large audience because the show has covered real stories of the entrepreneurs who have started their career without any funding loans and achieve dignified positions on their own.

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