A movie is a product of a lot of hard work and toil of a lot of people, so when it tanks at the box office, it affects more than just the producer and the production house. While the content of the movie plays a major role in its fate at the ticket counter, it has often been seen that sometimes good, critically acclaimed movies also miss the mark because a lot of people didn’t even come to know about the existence of such a movie. Hence, just like goods and services, lack of promotion of a movie plays a very crucial role in its business at the box office. Bangalore-based Zeneflix is a movie promotion platform that aims to solve this problem.

Launched in February this year, ZeneFlix is movie promotion platform for Hollywood and Bollywood movies. It can be extended to many other movie industries around the world.

Movies produced in one part of the world are often unable to reach worldwide viewers due to language and cultural barriers. While mega Hollywood movies like Avatar, Fast and Furious, are able to get the cash registers ringing almost all around the world. But, movies made within the budget of $10 million to $60 million are unable to make more money from international markets due to lack of resources at hand. Thats where, Zeneflix steps in.

Zeneflix’s Intellectual Property protected platform solves this problem associated with movie promotion and helps in promoting movies across the world. The platform currently hosts contests related to movies where anyone can answers questions regarding the a particular movie and win cool prizes.

According to the startup, the closest competitor that they see for their platform, is IMDB, the Internet movie database. But, IMDB does not promote movies unlike Zeneflix.

The platform has been conceived and delivered by Mrityunjay Patil, who has a total of 6 years of IT experience. He is currently functioning as the CEO of the startup.

Mrityunjay’s future plans for the platform is to extend it to movie industries all around the world including Bollywood (India), Japanese, Korean, and even South Indian movie Industries.

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