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A startup based out of Mumbai is revolutionizing the way we consume media especially news and entertainment. Started by IIT Bombay and IIM Calcutta Alumni, the startup named Adractive, is launching digital video platform on 1st March which provides only high rated entertainment videos for consumption.

People and Artists join the platform and upload their videos which can be comedy, songs, films, etc and people will get to watch user generated content and rate them too. Through Adractive’s technology, all videos will be given a priority order based on ratings of users and users profile and only top rated videos will be shown to people. All videos whose rating falls below a certain number will be deleted.

There are 2 types of video wars taking place in India, one is for user generated content, which biggies like Youtube and Facebook are present and second is with curated entertainment content like TV shows and Movies, which Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hotstar and Voot are fighting. Adractive plans to combine the best features from these 2 models and launch entertainment content which is combination of user generated and curated, but whose fate is decided by people. People rate the videos which they watch and rate it on a scale of 0 to 5.

Founder Kanik Arora, says “When you look at user generated content in India, discovery is a big problem, hence users search and watch 20% of the ‘popular’ content 80% of the time. We have created a platform which is curated and presented on basis of user’s preferences, and user’s ratings, while ensuring any content that falls below certain average rating, becomes inactive. People are asked to rate the videos they watch, which helps us keep only the best content on our platform. Our algorithm takes into account a number of other parameters other than user preferences and average ratings as well”.

Artists, Singers, Comedians, Professional video makers or anyone who can show his/her talent can also upload their video on the platform, and they can earn based on views of their video.

On way forward, our philosophy is to provide awesome user experience when user is consuming either entertainment content. We will continue to build services keeping our focus on users in mind.

Adractive is a tech startup founded in 2016 in media and entertainment sector. Launched in Oct, 2016, the company has over 6,000 registered users. The application is available on android here.

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