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Moving to a new city is nevertheless a pain in the neck. Carrying the bulk and voluminous items along is generically troublesome. The furniture, utensils and heavy electrical appliances are discarded to scrap when the key is transferred, which perpetually erects the need of securing them once again when you settle the next. It tends to be a matter of concern as repeating the buying paradigm may put an extra burden on your pocket. So, what should be done to ensure the instant possession of required belongings? How to subsequently check that your wallet doesn’t get a hole with big fat bills?

Vexed with this tedious task of home furnishing and disappointment at overly priced house rentals; Three engineering grads — Twinkle Singh (IIT-Kanpur), Nitesh Kumar (IIT-Kharagpur) and Kaish Mangal (IITM-Gwalior) came up with FreQuip — an online engineered platform which helps you rent furniture and home appliances for your abode on monthly rental basis. Profoundly, one doesn’t need to either carry those big sized chattels’ or buy them when you move to some other pin code.

Headquartered in Gurgaon, Frequip is a combination of two words: Frequent and Equip which means get equipped with the go as frequently as you move easily without any hassles. In today’s strenuous schedule where happy living is seemed as luxury, busy professionals lack an easy way to furnish their house.   People with transferable jobs have to shed a lot of money on transportation and shipping of furniture, whereas snapping up second hand stuff may sometimes prove to be the most terrible deal of life. The Joule of heat intensifies when people have to pay unnecessarily for the stuff they might not even want and are not of appropriate quality. Flipping to the other side of the coin, huge financial burden tends to break the monthly budget of bachelors and young working professionals who wills to buy new furnishings for the house. For an instance a 2 BHK Furnishings cost approximates around the limits of Rs.70, 000 –Rs.1.5lakh. The digits speak enough.

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Currently operational in Gurugram, Frequip provides flexible rental tenure where a person has the freedom to leave at any time he wants. The customer doesn’t have to lock-in for any given time period. They also provide easy try out options– by keeping the initial 3 months’ rent low, which bakes the deal even hotter.

The venture has been profitably bootstrapped for almost 6 months in addition to acquiring of funding (undisclosed amount) in September with the help of Espark – Viridian accelerator. It does not matter whether you are an outstation student, working professional or anyone planning to move to another city and is looking for a vendor who can supplement with on demand house rentals, Frequip is the frugal solution for catering all your domestic furnishing needs.


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